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Need Help With Some Interpretation (ayahuasca)


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Many things that happened during my ayahuasca experience where just as much worth mentioning meeting my spirit owl Okaga,

getting helped from Mother Ayahuasca's spirit, aid also from Buddha. But one thing which i thought i knew so well what it meant

but i couldn't get complete closure from my Maestro mostly because he spoke Spanish and i had a friend who could translate

but sometimes it wasn't as clear as i hoped. Anyway enough of the backstory the meat of my question is, In the first few hours

of the first ceremony we told we had to sit not lay, in about a hour or 2 later my hands started to feel like a gorillas. I was very sure that was what i was experiencing mind you ive never touched a gorillas hands etc. But from what they look like it just felt like that was the natural answer, my mate while this was happening said to me "Luke how you feeling?" I said my hands feel like a gorillas. As soon as i felt my hands this way a rush of connecting thoughts came to me alot of my childhood i was obsessed with monkeys had gorilla and chimp stuff toys etc, and alot of other things another weird thing too was before i went to Peru i would sometimes make monkey sounds infront of my mates becayse i could mimic it so well. And one morning when i woke up by my Girlfriends side in bed i got up and went to the end of the bed and walked on my knuckles around the bed like i was marking my territory or showing she was protected ( THIS WAS BEFORE THE EXPERIENCE) , im sure if i think more i can come up with countless other "COINCIDENCES". But a few things happened to me after i was thinking all these things even how my life reminded me of a jungle i ruled but i ruled it like a chimp not like a true gorilla, im not a big bloke skinny guy specially at that time not much muscle and i thought nah no way i was a gorilla in my past life, but i mean was that what it was? or was it a spirit of a gorilla? either way it has changed my life dramatically ive realised i have alot of the characteristics of the social side and pride codes of the gorilla, i strive now to be big fit and strong to be loyal to be proud of myself but i still dont know for sure its true meaning. If anyone could help id love it if not atleast the story may be interesting, out of all the people in my group they experienced visuals mine were all physical.

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The thing about this experience is that it's all yours, and only open to interpretation by you. One of the reasons that we're not so into the use of mind-altering substances here at Shamans Cave is that it's often harder to figure out what exactly is happening, because, to put it plainly, you're tripping. At the same time, your mind can always jump in and say 'was that real?' 'was I hallucinating?'.


But with any of these experiences, that which we learn from them is that which we were meant to learn from them. Does that make sense? And spending time figuring out 'why' and 'how' and trying to interpret what it is that happened takes away from the experience of being changed, in your body, and having a new perspective on the world. And if it's changed your life for the better, then need there be any deeper meaning than what you've already got out of it?



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Your very right Rebecca, I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this kinda stuff. I just presumed if shamans do the ceremony's the topics tie in together. " One of the reasons that we're not so into the use of mind-altering substances here at Shamans Cave is that it's often harder to figure out what exactly is happening, because, to put it plainly, you're tripping. " This being said is there a way to be clear the only time i have physically felt the touch of and presence of a spirit was on Ayahuasca i had some meditation experiences that were very suggestive of spirits bit it was more clear during my ceremony experiences. I dont know if you have time for a in depth chat about things but id like to learn more about the spirit world.

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What Rebecca said.


We can spend an extraordinary amount of time looking for hidden bits of great enlightenment when what might have happened is that we simply ate a bad burrito. (The same with dream interpretation.) When one engages with a substance such as ayahuasca - or any other hallucinogenic mixture - we no longer see our own naked truth because we have engaged with an "ally" of sorts. You may receive helpful information for sure, but it is seen through a filter of something else that isn't you. The point is that no one knows your energy better than you do - not ayahuasca, not peyote, not alcohol, not Guru Whatsit. And if you look outside yourself for some of these answers, you don't learn them very well.


This is why the makers emphasize self-healing and self-knowledge without the influence of other "allies." It is also why we don't do spirit animals. All things have energy and information for us should we wish to study it. If you have no knowledge of who you are, how can you have any knowledge of the universe around you?


Keep looking for your own patterns, unaffected by anything else. What speaks to you out of those?


Good luck!



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