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What Degree in Health should one persue if deciding to take on this path?

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I saw this documentary on Gaia called: Healing the Luminous Body. There a sacred Dr. by the name of

Alberto Villoldo, PhD., introduces and explains the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs our physical body like a blueprint of life. It is a secret of ancient shaman-healers that many of our physical and psychological problems stem from imprints within our luminous body. Dr. Villoldo unveils how to heal and recover from these destructive imprints and regain our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Join us as we travel to the Andes Mountains to learn the secret of the ancient Shamans, a secret that can lead all of us to health, happiness and beauty. It was here, that he discovered the wisdom of the luminous body from the indigenous shamans. This ancient knowledge reveals the secret of true health and happiness.


I studied Yoga for a good part of my Life, and have lived in different Ashram Centers. I want to be able to keep advancing my knowledge on spiritual knowledge. I'm only 19 now, and I'm deciding to go to the Air Force so that I can save up some money and be able to go to school. I feel as though I'm born to be a healer. I just want to know which degree in health should I follow in conventional school so that I could show my solid background and present the science behind this beautiful Science.


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Hi YourHumbleServant,


You should, if you are choosing to go to school and study, do what you feel calls out to you and makes the reality that you choose to study. The best way I can describe the path of the maker is that it doesn't have much to do with knowledge, school and science but everything to do with experience. What you are exposed to only enriches whatever journeys you undertake and quality of life. Good luck to you, and welcome to the cave :)




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Dear humble servant,

Please consider...  You feel like you are called to become a healer...  You have your all life in front of you...  Wonderful. And then it looks like a good idea to you to become part of the weapon-murder-profit-brainwashing machine. Just for the Money...  OMG really?

consider...  the greatest speech ever made...

How does this fit into the whole picture?

Can you be in the military without negative effects, or is this exactly where they want you to end up to brain wash you?


When you join the military, you sign over your life and your freewill. They can move you wherever they want, experiment on you, send you into combat to die, etc. So although it sounds like a brave and adventurous move to see the world, your world actually grows smaller because you can only be where they order you to be. Also basic training requires some degree of breaking you down and remolding you. That’s brainwashing. The mental focus is on killing, violence, ruthlessness, cunning, machismo, and the enemy. That mindset puts you squarely in the realm of STS/Service-to-Self frequencies.

You also enter directly into the grips of the black operations projects, the military abductors and mind programmers who possess advanced technology. This means anyone in the military is way more susceptible to abduction, implantation, and mind control than a civilian. That’s why there are so few whistleblowers at the deep black levels, because anyone who gets clearance also gets higher and higher degrees of monitoring and control. It’s very bad news to get involved in that stuff, because ultimately it’s no different from joining a satanic coven and making pacts with demonic entities. It carries karmic consequences into other lives.

The surface military is inconsequential. By that I mean the military that your neighbor could join. The deeper black/shadow military residing in underground bases, those are the ones that concern me. Because whereas the surface military is used to depopulate the gullible and carry out political actions on the world stage, it’s the shadow military that really controls things. I think they interface with the alien levels of the control system. They have very advanced technology, but not fully on par with alien technology, though it’s similar yet clunkier too and more limited to spacetime instead of being fully etheric or hyper-dimensional. Anyway, they are like the theater crew behind the curtain that you never see, that preps the stage characters and props and controls the lighting.

Their recruits do include members of the surface military. For instance, you join the surface military and get monitored/tested for your abilities. If you have something unusual like a strong intellect and/or psychic powers, you may get pulled aside to work on a secret project. Those who get really deep give up their old lives, maybe have a fake death, and continue working in the shadow military world doing who knows what. I doubt they remain themselves anymore, they’re probably so programmed and implanted by that point. I heard that if you work for such projects, your thoughts are monitored 24/7 for any sign of contradiction or dissent, and you are dealt with accordingly. Thus the environment is highly controlled and people are scared to even think or question other than what little compartmentalized job they are told to do. In there you also have the sicko power trippers who participate in military/alien abductions and engage in things like torture and rape of abductees, just because they can. A lot of them are societal rejects with no family connections, who got involved in criminal/satanic activities and were recruited through their connections to serve in these underground bases. If it can happen at Abu Ghraib, it happens all the time in the black military world, intentionally so.

So overall, I’d say the military is just another tool of the control system, and joining it means giving away rights to your mind, body, and soul. Not to say all military personnel are evil, as it appears there could be some fifth columnists and genuine “patriot” types who are just stuck in a hard place between keeping their positions and throwing a coup. Probably lots of secret infighting and cold-war type internal battles that we don’t see in the public. Not anything I’d want to be part of.


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