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An Explanation?

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Hello, I have been thinking thoughts that are not my own for about 5 years now. on the very rare occasion they are useful (telling me things i didn't know)
but of most the times they are harassing or disturbing.
I have been through much humiliation and physical pain in the last 5 years due to the "telepathic?" experience.
I have believed my self to be a victim of gangstalking and can kinda relate to the truman show.

can someone tell me how to gain a handle on when i communicate with these entities and how to have a more beneficial interaction with them.

what are they good for practically?(i think they can help me examine others from afar or even up close)
what are they? living or dead?(i believe them to be a mix)

mostly I'm looking for answers that will help me heal myself and now I'm thinking since I am open to these forces I could be good at healing others.

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Hi Voice29,

A voice once told me, "how can you heal others, unless you first heal yourself?"

Even though we here at the cave believe self-healing is an ongoing process, you need to get a good handle on it and do some groundwork there before you try to work on others because you might not be detached enough to see how to be able to truly help another.

We teach an ancient self-healing practice here called recapitulation, one that is as old as shamanism itself and can be found in many respective traditions. It focuses on energy retrieval so you can take back your energy from the world and give back what is not yours, so that you may return to your true un-traumatized self and live the life you were meant to lead in the world, a life that belongs to you and you alone. 

Can I make a suggestion? Focus on healing yourself and not listening to anyone just now, be they voices you hear or people who whisper suggestions to you. In the process you will change and will become stronger, your light much brighter, without the help of anyone but yourself remembering how to stand in your own power. There's nothing quite like it. There are articles on the public forums just type "self healing" or "recapitulation" in the search bar it should take you to some good reads on the practice. We also offer online classes here that elaborate on self-healing through the recapitulation process, along with exercises. You don't necessarily have to be a shaman to do this but most traditions, if not all, begin with learning how to self-heal. I can tell you from personal experience that I am a changed woman because of it, among other things.

I hope this helps.


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