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Tobacco fasting

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First of all, hello! I am new to the site and this is my first time posting. I'm trying to find a group of people that I can discuss shamanism and experiences with. The majority of those around me think I'm a little nuts for exploring this avenue, especially since I am generally very logic-minded and do not subscribe to most religious dogma and practices. Most of the people I have met that are open to these avenues and experiences have been less logical and more "out there", so I have trouble relating to them. I'm looking for real discussion and conversation . I hope I worded that in the least offensive way possible. :mellow:

Now to the matter at hand.

I am about to undergo a 7 day tobacco fast with a tabaquero from Peru. I have taken ayahuasca multiple times in the past and had great experience with it. However, the last two times have been radically different. The time before last, I had a severe anxiety attack that I could not pull myself out of (I also was with a shaman who had less experience that time, and I think that contributed as well). The last time I did it (with the same shaman who is administering my tobacco fast), I felt like there was some kind of blockage keeping me from working with the medicine. The tobacco fast is supposed to aid in ridding me of that blockage and gives a "spiritual alignment", for lack of a better phrase. 

I'm curious as to if anyone here is familiar with tobacco fasts and especially your experiences with it if you have done them in the past. A good friend just came off of his seven days, and his experience was rough, intense, but overall very beneficial. 

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Hi Taloy. I'm not familiar with tobacco fasts or ayahuasca either, the type of shamanism we practice at Cave Shamans works purely with energy and not medicines. There are many shamanic traditions, ours originated in Europe, I'm curious to know more about it though. What we do here is practice a self-healing method called Recapitulation, which helps heal your energy. If you're curious about it you can find out more about it here: https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/recapitulation/


Good luck with getting rid of your blockage, and welcome to the cave.





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I've quit smoking, or fasted as you might say, many times in fact :)

And sure, I do think it is good for you, sort of lessens the pull of the ally and can give you brief glimpses of clarity, but let's be honest with ourselves... It's really not that big of a deal. How about an actual fast for seven days, or go a few days without salt, or perhaps a month without talking, how about a few years without a phone, or tv, or internet.. There are a lot of things we can do without that can help in or journey to understand ourselves, but it's always important to ask yourself why... 

Fasting, abstaining, withdrawing or whatever you want to call it forces you to look at the connections you have with things and evaluate the emotional energy that you have invested in them. And I do think that is a healthy and worthwhile experience to have, but again there needs to be a reason for it all... What is the objective here, or intent..? If it's to know yourself and all you are willing to do for that is take some ayahuasca and fast from tobacco you might not like what you see so much.

Fortunately there are other ways of getting to that knowledge. They require a great deal more work, dedication and persistence, but when you get there the experience is your own and the knowledge gained is yours forever. 

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