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How do you guys have the will to keep living after experiencing the love/oneness of the universe? After my awakening, my world has become so vast. I feel that living within societies boundaries is like cutting off large pieces of myself to tuck away for fear of judgement. This life is so shallow..so oppressed. To be forced to work every day just to have food and shelter. To have only 3 hours each night with my other half, with my future children. It pains me deeply. I would much rather live in a forest, with nature. But I'm pretty sure that is illegal because it's free. The inhabitants of this world neither understand, nor want to understand. I am afraid to open up to a therapist because I don't want to get locked up in a loony bin. Anti depressants make me feel...numb. flat. I don't want to go back on them but I feel imbalanced. I don't feel I fit into this world. It's too materialistic and closed off from spirit. I don't know how to tell the difference between my guides helping me, or if some negative attachment has become the words I "hear" that guide me. Or if I'm crazy.. I know normal people would think me crazy. They do not have the experience to understand. This probably isn't the right place but I trust "makers" more than doctors who can't relate.

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Hi Babylace94,

Your view of the world resonates with us all, its construct, your desire to live a different way and be at one with nature... we used to live that way, be more at one with the world and we worked to live not lived to work.... this is the age and time we are in, but there's nothing to say it has to stay this way. Just as you are awakening so are others, so take heart. What is crazy and what is normal anyway? You are you. What keeps me going is the very thing that touches you so deeply you say you've lost the will to live... life itself. I'm going to die one day anyway, so my work here is to live life to its fullest, and to work to make the reality I want to live in. Your nostalgia, what you seek, that great joy in being here and connected to the universe is beautiful, and real. It's why we are alive.  


Don't go back to sleep: the world needs more people like you.  

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