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Cerebellum Chakra Damage

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a year ago I was in my bed listening to some music
I did some sort of meditation and suddenly I felt a discomfort in my throat like that feeling you have to cough
that moment I didn't cough and when the feeling escalated a bit I could hear a voice in my head saying:"Never mind it will happened to him as well"
coming from a person I had a really bad dispute with.
once the feeling in my throat sank I felt the lower back of my brain being damaged from what I call today "a Mental Snake Bite"
the damage felt like the snake's teeth are biting on these parts until I felt both of the sides being lost from my brain completely
It felt like my right side and left side brain are disappearing from me body like I lost all protection from god or perhaps being "banned from heaven"
I should mention that symbolically I had at that time a piercing of snake bite on my lips
After that event I can still remember going out to the balcony really nervous for smoking a cigarette while hearing crows yelling and I felt their vibration really vividly while experiencing the word "Lucifer" and hearing that same person I heard before screaming in my head like AHH!!
Ever since that happened everything has turned black all my joy of life has disappeared and I can sense some evil spirit haunting me all the time
at start he was nice but when time progresses the entity is becoming really grim.
I'm just an ordinary 24 year old guy
why the hell does this thing happened to me?
is there anybody out there who has the answer or had similar experience?



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In my opinion you have possibly had an energetic attack and your resistance may have been low and some entity may have taken advantage of this. I would highly recommend seeking the services of a working shaman with a credible history of succesful treatment of others with similar issues. I recommend a shaman who charges for their time as you are completing an energy exchange with them for their service and they are less likely to be amateur. They need to be able to help you to gain protection around you and tell you what to do to avoid further issues. I would do this for you but I am still learning and although qualified by a master shaman still have a lot to learn and my personal life at the moment doesn't put me in the right space for doing this sort of work.


I can highly recommend www.youtubeshaman.com if you can't find a shaman yourself.



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