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Interpretation eludes me

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My dreams when vivid often have relevance that I don't see until the thing comes to pass.  This last one was extremely real to me but I don't quite grasp any relevance.

  In the dream I am driving.  Probably to work but I don't know for sure.  It is night.  I don't realize that I don't even have my headlights on.  A car goes by in the opposite direction.  I realize I can't see.  I turn my headlights on.  There is light snow in the lights and the road can now be seen to be slick.  My lights begin to work and fail intermittently but I do my best to navigate while I can't see the danger.  End dream.

It seems like a metaphoric manifestation at face value that maybe I'm just now realizing the dangers I've been navigating with only recent light shed on them but I'm not sure.  This would have to be relative to my recent exploration of the unseen layers of reality as I can't relate it to anything else.  

Will update if my lights randomly go out on my car.

Wanderer out.

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Stacey in-

Wanderer, i get hung up on feeling unable to interpret dreams, too. What helps me might also give you direction- feel for the energy moving behind the images to counteract your focus on interpretation- which is just re-arranging parts of the images. Let us know how this works for you.



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Not sure what possessed me to type Wanderer instead of Traveler... but I only noticed this error after your response.  Noted.  

Regarding your advice; when recollecting these images, my mind feels very loud and pulled in multiple directions.  I still feel as though I am settling into my recent state of understanding things and that I'm working through a lot of interference.  I get some serious clarity when meditating but then I'll snag on a thought and wander off into it, derailing my intended state.  My focus seems shakey.  Recapitulation is helping. 

Thanks again

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I know that feeling. So we lose observation mode in meditating but we have to just brush it off or laugh at it when it happens. Loss of focus- so what? It happens. Next breath. In the long run, if you continue re-visiting the intent persistently, you're still moving toward it- perhaps not how you want to or think you should, but still. Enjoy the ride : )

Take your time adapting to the changes...keep recapping. Things unfold in ways we don't really expect.


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