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Are time and space interconnected ?

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I've read some time ago on this forum, one of our nice teacher telling that when you're travelling geographically you're actually time travelling. 

Recently I've had to travel a lot by train  doing approximately 75 miles  in one hour and what I've felt I when I reached the destination, is that i travelled through time. It's something that puzzled me because logically i
only changed my physical position and the two places are on the same time zone.  And when I arrived to town B I really had the feeling I was in an other time than I was in town A just one hour ago. Einstein and his theory that if you travel at the speed of light you will age less rapidly, it's weird isn't it ?  Do you have some thought about it ? It's something I can feel but that doesn't make sense logically.

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Yeah energy, that thing that often defies logic, n'est pas?  I do think time and physical space can be interconnected, but not necessarily you can experience time without space. Speaking to your specific example, I have also experienced how speed and gravity can affect your perception of how you move through space, a la Einstein. To me, it's as if everything slows down. Once I fell off the back of a truck but the way I fell, my body was spinning in the air before it hit the ground but it felt like I was moving very slowly. Another time I was in the center of a car flipping over, everything became very slow, almost stood still, even though the car was moving very fast. I think you felt the energy of time- in your body, in your energy, moving through space really fast on a train. 

Time is a real energy, but we've all agreed that it moves in a linear fashion, forward, and that makes sense if you want to measure the sunrise to sunset or being a baby to an old person. But I have also experienced how time is also outside of the physical world. Shamans have been playing with this for centuries, quantum physics is really only just catching up with what we have been saying: there is potential to move through time with your energy, sideways, backwards, or multiple possible future outcomes, and it doesn't have to be with your body. 

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Yeah what I experienced and what you tell defies logic. I've already heard some stories similar to what you said when you felt of a truck and everything was moving very slowly. It can happen some people, when having an accident, also review all of their life in a few seconds. If in that train I felt the energy of time in my body moving through space, then time can move through space. This is a new way of seeing time. But in fact the practice of recap already gave me the inner knowledge that time is malleable.

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