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Holly Emmer

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About Holly Emmer

Faculty and Roustabout

In the fall of 2014, Holly had a vision that involved seeing a circle of shamans from all over the world sitting still and quiet, together, but in a space that doesn’t exist, for the purpose of doing healings. In the vision, she was allowed to witness this normally-private healing group and had a sense that it would be possible for her to participate after learning and then apprenticing for a time. It was an exciting and motivating vision, and she was determined to find this group of people in this world.

In 2015, Holly Emmer joined Shamans Cave as a student after being moved by an article on their website called “So You Want to Be a Shaman.” That article provoked a deep, bone-shaking sense of “Whoever wrote this really understands my experience!” After a time of being a Shamans Cave student, asking questions, and learning more about the tradition, Holly realized the Makers were precisely the same ones from her vision. Now, after completing the curriculum and apprenticing, she participates in the online healings as seer, healer, and deathwalker with other Makers.

Prior to coming to Shamans Cave, Holly had involvement with other traditions, shamanic and otherwise, including even nearly being ordained as a Zen Buddhist nun. But those traditions felt like living in various apartments, with all of their rules and regulations, lack of parking and yard space... none really felt like a home where she was free to paint the walls whatever color she wanted, or to demo the basement and put in a new den, for that matter. It wasn’t until being immersed in the contemporary Maker shamanic tradition, with its emphasis on self-healing, personal freedom and accountability, having one’s own death as one’s closest ally, and moving energy directly, that Holly finally felt like she found her home.

Holly is honored to be a part of this powerful tradition and to be able to help as she can around the Shamans Cave by assisting and serving the faculty, students, and world-wide community in kind for the life-changing teachings that have helped her actualize her authentic self. It is Holly’s big intent to completely heal herself so she can move even more fiercely and powerfully, with compassion and detachment, to help others.

“And that I did not give to anyone the responsibility for my life. It is mine. I made it. And can do what I want to with it. Give it back, someday, without bitterness, to the wild and weedy dunes.” ― Mary Oliver