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Jan Legersky


About Jan Legersky

From a very early age, Jan knew there were doors to be opened, but frustratingly could never find the keys. She would get “feelings” about things, occasionally see odd things she couldn’t explain, or just know that something was going to happen. Even though she sometimes explored different paths, nothing ever fit.
Sometimes when a person isn’t looking is when you find what you seek. Jan’s journey into the Cave began when she saw the difference it made for her husband, Steve, in his search for healing for himself

and for those around him.  She learned more about this shamanic path, these people who called themselves Makers, who taught the ways of regaining energy, moving energy, and how to be a healer.

Curiosity drew her into the Cave, and what she discovered felt new, familiar, comfortable all at the same time.  The doors finally started opening, and her energy knew that this, finally, was what fit.

Jan lives cradled in the Colorado high country with her husband Steve.  She is a stalker, seer, a maker, a healer, ever exploring the endless network of energy that connects everyone and everything.