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Jean Dengerink

Senior Faculty and Advisor

About Jean Dengerink

ShamansCave found me in the year 1999 as personal and health issues climaxed and the unknown intruded on a higher level. The year my brain simply said, “enough.” Its capacity, since childhood, to accept the “unknown” as familiar was maxed. It declared war, bent on surviving. It was the year I discovered Jean wasn’t “normal”.

The website offered a discussion group twice a week wherein Niteshad answered questions and shared his take on the world. This guy played with “weird,” and group curiosity grew putting pressure for more. His decision to specifically teach his tradition eventually led me back to myself.

Unruly exploration turned into serious study of the natural and unknown worlds. How to move, function and understand, rather than observe, experience, or react. Self-healing was introduced fueling the personal power engine. The business of creating and exploration of the abyss came later.

The rest? fodder for stories…

I am one of three original students to transition into teaching and was a supportive influence in the creation of ShamansCave workshops and classes, majority of which I interned or taught before “retiring.” While my journey has included the formation of a healing endeavor in Colorado and being sought out as an “energetic healer” by New Mexico pueblo members, these days I meld into my 5-acre creation of bedraggled cottage gardens and woodlands “doing my thing”.

I move in the world committed to every interaction progressing towards health and growth. My involvement with the ShamansCave community continues, delighted that my previous students are teachers and peers making a tremendous difference in the lives of those they encounter and strengthening the Maker community.

Please join us and be supported as you travel.