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Karl Mueller (xney)

Co-founder, Senior Faculty and Advisor


About Karl Mueller

Co-founder, Senior Faculty and Advisor

Growing up, Karl could never explain why he would just know things, and why he would see things that others could not, why he would have visions that came out of nowhere.
In 1999, it stopped being something in the background, and demanded full attention. He had to find out what was out there, the call to help people, but nothing seemed to fit what he wanted. No teacher

or path seemed the right one. He met Gary one night, and in that instant of meeting, nothing was ever the same again...
Karl is often the first person Cave visitors talk to, and he has spent many, many hours talking to seekers. He helps run shamanscave.com, the forums, and mailing lists. While he knows reiki and bodywork, his focus has always been shamanism and Gary's tradition. He is a seer and awake dreamer, following in the footsteps of his teacher.