Faculty Profiles


Lucy Vincze

Senior Faculty - Student Mentor - O.G.

About Lucy Vincze

My fascination with the Recapitulation and all things Maker began in 1997. I’d finally found the “how”. Most practices, religions, philosophies and traditions are eager to tell us the ‘what”, which leaves one stagnant and unable to change, consequently, unable to truly heal. At that time, I had no idea the wonders, mysteries, devastation and ultimately the practicality of my own healing.

As a beginning student, I was full of questions, eager to understand. My convincing moment occurred during my first online chat with Gary. In relating an experience, I asked a question about what it meant. Before he could respond, I felt someone physically come into the room and turned around to see who it was. There was a visceral, shimmery shape in the room and I could hear Gary’s response while also reading it on my monitor. Splitting to do two things at once seemed impossible. “Teach me how to do that!” was my ask.

. Years later, one of my students approached me, saying, “I have to tell you about something that happened. I was practicing one of the movements you taught, having some difficulty and asked you a question. I immediately felt your presence and saw this shimmery outline. Then, I heard the answer and knew the next step.”

 One of the intents of the Mentor Program being developed at shamanscave is to assist students in integrating what they’ve learned from the classes into their life. There is so much given, learned, and changes can happen fast. It’s helpful to have an accomplished Maker guide the way, offer specific movements and move energy to link and smooth out the edges. They can also provide clarification for the experiences that occur and how to move into them. Mentorship isn’t a requirement or desired by everyone, but some people gain greatly from it.

 It is an honor to be part of the Maker community, to teach, heal and move in the tradition. I hope you find some comfort and growth being here, for as long as our paths intertwine.