Healing Practices

turtleAs the word implies, "grounding" is working with the ground in one way or the other.

Grounding is the process whereby we do two things: (1) we first use earth energy to balance ourselves, and (2) we use grounding to clear unwanted aspects from our energy. Grounding is one of the few things that really can't be achieved intellectually.  It is purely a function of doing; there is no other way to get "grounded."

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sunsetWater can take you where you want to go.  The sound of moving water, whether it is a drip, or a flowing river is a powerful natural force for movement and trance.

Water on our planet connects everything; we ourselves are eighty five percent water.  It is just an issue of allowing it to fill your awareness and giving yourself to its movement; of opening your own energy to connect with energies outside yourself - connecting the water in you to the larger waters.

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