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Alternative Recap for Young People


The recapitulation is not recommended for most young people - young being defined as teens and younger.  However, there are specific situations where it can be helpful even for a teen.  Those situations generally revolve around severe trauma in their young lives.  If there has been a history that involves trauma, abuse, addiction, molestation, then a teen can be encouraged to recapitulate their energy out of those events and people involved - specifically, breaking the energetic ties that are having a negative impact on their ability to develop as adults.


Do this as often as you feel necessary to help achieve clarity of focus and healing in your energy.

This may be appropriate for young people dealing with the diffuse effects of past trauma, who cannot face detailed re-visiting of particular life events.

Sit in a quiet, undisturbed place.  Set the intent to bring your lost energy back to you and cleanse your own energy of the negative effects of hurtful people and events associated with them.  You are focusing on the resulting patterns in your life where your energy has been damaged, or you have been hurt but in a general way.

Breathe deeply and regularly as you relax into a peaceful state of mind. 


Begin to envision a landscape before you.  This landscape is the terrain of your life.  Across the landscape is a thick fog or mist.  The mist represents those things that have affected you in a way that clouds your vision of your life or that impact you in a non-productive way.  Begin to breathe in and out, deeply and slowly, as if you are breathing in the mist and breathing out clear air.  Filter the mist through the intent to heal that is within you.  Keep working with the picture until the landscape reveals itself clearly and the mist has all been removed.  Do this as often as you feel necessary to help achieve clarity of focus and healing in your energy.

Alternatively, for a young person who wants to try working with the actual recap exercise, advise them to only recap the traumatic events themselves and their connections to any of the people involved.  Those are generally safe to do and yield productive results without causing them to lose their anchors to the world.  Advise the young person at the end of their recap sessions to formulate a healing command to themselves, something that will help fill the void left by recapping the negative event.  This will help direct their retrieved energy to reintegrate in a healthy way and give new focus to the intent to heal.

Simple statements to reinforce new intent such as:

  • I am empowered, healthy, whole
  • I will now be able to do X
  • I am not a victim, I am a creator
  • I will not allow the past to control my future
  • I release the pain, I choose to live my life in an empowered way

Have them spend some time at the end of the exercise, envisioning themselves living in contrast to their previous state, no longer burdened by whatever results the events they need to recap have been manifesting in their lives.  Have them be as specific as possible.  Make simple plans to implement in their daily lives that counter the previous patterns and help them to enforce the new as they face their old fears and begin to mold themselves unburdened by the previous damage, replacing the old with something new in a real way.

Recapping too early in life can be non-productive if it interferes with a person's ability to become anchored in a balanced way to reality.  Many young people are anxious to try recapping these days.  With the exception of specific life events, it is not recommended before the early twenties in general.  However, each person is unique, and the determination of an appropriate age must be made on an individual basis.