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Recapitulation and Addictions


In essence, we are all subject to addiction of one sort or another, it is only a societal judgment which determines which are good and which are bad.

We may drink "moderately" - which society says is okay - but we can't smoke pot moderately because society says that is "bad". All addictive behavior serves to isolate and crystallize your energy in one way or another.

This stops movement and fluidity, which ultimately bends you to a mundane death.  So, I think we can probably agree that the range of what we can call addiction is quite large.  If you don't feel nurtured in childhood and therefore seek it in your adult life, it becomes an addiction of its own.  When that becomes a basis for all your relationships rather than meeting on level ground it has taken on the pattern of addiction.  Addiction roots can be found in many patterns in our energy, though not all will turn into full-blown addictive behavior.  The point I'm trying to make is that all addictive behavior can be found in a person's energy.

Addiction can be emotionally, intellectually, physically or even spiritually motivated. Damage in a person's energy, especially in the emotional and intellectual areas will often trail off into holes or other damage which you can see as the potential for addictions.  So when you see someone who drinks too much or who does drugs, you are looking at the end result of a pattern of energy that exists in their overall energy.  All of these behavior patterns that people exhibit are an attempt to compensate or cover up for energetic damage.

Now, there are other issues involved which are larger.  Because we are born to less than perfect beings and because they were as well, we can sometimes fall prey to energetic propensities that are not within our own energetic parameters.  For instance, if your parents were alcoholics, you run a risk energetically.  You inherit weaknesses in your energy.  Maybe your grandparents were alcoholics, but your parents weren't - the weakness is still there, but not quite as strong.  Our energy is brought together at birth through the pool of energy which exists under the fabric of creation, but our parents are the three dimensional mold through which that energy must pass to come into this attention.  As a result, their own energy has an impact on the ordering of ours as we pass through.  "They fuck you up, your mum and dad, they may not mean to but they do, they give you all the faults they had and add some extra, just for you".  Yes, good stuff as well.

One starts recapitulating the basis for an addiction at the level of the past, before the addiction became dominant.  Look to those things, and then see where the pattern starts to form that leads to the addiction itself.  It is usually a trigger, a key event that propels a person to excess.  You can recap addictive episodes, and probably should, but if the addiction is still present you need to deal with that first.  It has to be cut off at the roots.  So, find the seminal event, the first real episode of addictive behavior, somewhere back there is a pattern that leads to it.  It will open the door to events you may believe are insignificant, but which combine together to create a pattern that leads to the addictions. Usually addictions are about self-abuse.  The question is why, what triggered that feeling of no self-esteem?  Somewhere in that person's past is a key.  Recapping that key begins tearing down the door.


Recapping will reduce the physical craving or eliminate it, if it is psychological. You could follow the craving itself; see where the triggers are for it.  Run through the emotions, which ones are prevalent around the craving?  There's something at root that makes you addicted.  What happened that created within you a need to approach this, to take this on?  And that's where you really have to get back to.  Whether it's cigarettes or emotional abuse or drugs, somewhere there's a root cause - and the recapitulation should help you uncover that. If a drug like heroin is involved you will also have to deal with the physical aspect of the addiction, or the heroin ally, as we like to call it.

Society itself can have an addiction because this is merely a movement of energy.  Sexual addiction is quite common.  I think we do have it to a degree, but I also think it has come from other addictions as well.  Sexual addiction, or a movement in that direction, occurred about when in this country?  Think about it.  In the 1960's.  What other things were entering the culture then?  Drugs, yep.  Now, imagine getting drunk, then having sex and popping and inhaling an amyl nitrate cap . Drugs and sex went together.  But there didn't get to be so many of us by people being afraid of having sex :)

Recapping Under the Influence

Don't recap under the influence, bad idea.  The ally will show you patterns that don't even exist to protect its connections in your energy.  People need, in sober moments, to work on finding the reasons they do it.  The recapitulation can help in finding the patterns that have led to the addictive behavior.  I'm sure through experience you have all found a few of those.

People need to quit doing it, or quit doing the recap; you can't do both at the same time, and it takes a while to get out of your energy directly.  It will create an imbalance and lie to you to boot.  The imbalance would tend to present itself as a false sense of understanding, and most likely, will bloom into quite a case of ego.  When someone says they can't refrain from smoking pot during the week, they have tried, then I know they have a serious problem.  Do they realize they can access that energy of being high without actually doing the drug?  That really pisses the pot ally off.

Drug/Alcohol Allies

It's all relative in an energetic sort of way, but here is the problem.  Because human energy in general has a long history with drugs and alcohol, we have literally imbued them with our own energy to some degree.  This, in one sense, has created what we call the "allies" of these addictions.   We have left our mark on them through the ages to the point they have taken on anthropomorphic qualities.  The substance, in its nature, holds the potential for the abuse, but we add to that, or have.  So when we talk about the pot allies, or alcohol allies, we are really talking about the qualities they have taken on to make themselves more seductive to human energy for the purpose of propagating their own energy through ours.  Parasitic behavior if you have ever seen it :)

That doesn't mean that 'pot allies' help with insight because the vast majority of its use has been for recreation.  It tends to try to supply that to the user.  Herodotus describes its use some two thousand or so years ago.  Because they have moved more towards human energy, they tend to want to cling to it, almost like an energy that is undergoing a false evolution.  Like people, plants can be very durable in terms of their energy or very liquid, pot is one of the most liquid.  Datura, the devil's weed, is very durable and hence has never gained popularity really as a recreational drug.  It would just as soon kill you as look at you.  Actuallyl to see it in reality, they are sort of sniveling slimy little critters, very seductive.  So you can see how human intent over time can affect reality.

How does the shaman harness this energy then for a specific purpose or journey?

Shamans don't use pot; they will however use other ethneogenic plants to achieve a movement of their energy - datura, auyahuasca, some of the psilocybes, even peyote.  I really think they are all only a temporary shortcut.  You will still have to back up and do the work, so why wreck your body.  If you are going to do them, however, I will say this: Go to a shaman who is an experienced practitioner with them, and do the full ceremony.  I don't have that experience, nor do I want it.  The straight energy work is hard, sometimes seems impossible, but what you gain is really yours and it never leaves you.

Does 'addiction' itself have an ally, or is addiction just the pattern?

It has its own energy, or rather patterns, you can see. Though, I would have to say, I have not seen addiction energy per se present an anthropomorphic form.  Only that it hasn't reached that stage yet, give it another century or two. :)  Our propensity for self-destructive behavior should never be minimized.  All forms of energy are constantly evolving, changing; we are just one form among billions.

Why do I get 'contact high' when people smoke pot?

It's the pot allies calling you, "Here little girl, have just a taste . . ."  That is one of the allures.  It also has a side that was used, and still is in some places, to aid in a spiritual quest, so it knows how to attack from that point of view as well.

Someone was telling me that pot is so much stronger nowadays than it used to be.

I'm sure it is.  They have created diploid strains and refined even those.  When I was younger, I didn't see the pot allies as much more than a moving mass, or glob; now they have changed a lot, that's quite a leap.  Other drugs, even prescription ones, present the same sorts of energy at their base.  It will be interesting five hundred years from now to see which has evolved the most.

If a person's energy changes when he/she starts drinking and it's a feeling I associate with alcoholism, may I assume it's the ally I'm sensing?

Yes, you can see them in their energy, but it is only when they are apart from it that they really take on that appearance.  That's when they are hungry and looking for fresh meat.

People start drinking because the ally gives them what they want; it's in their energy and can push the buttons they can't, or won't reach on their own.  The pot allies are much less human, but human enough.  They're sort of slimy, short little creatures.  Pot allies sort of remind you of snot monsters.  I think they are in the process of changing, odd one that.  Some allies are more naturally able to align themselves with human energy.  The less destructive, i.e., aligned with human energy, the less likely they are to be ultimately destructive to your energy.  Coffee is new; cigarettes are relatively new, etc.  Alcohol is really old, so is pot.  The tobacco allies are generally more etheric, but dark, they tend to be very fluid.  Alcohol allies are very hard to tell from actual people, except they tend to be gaunt and slow moving with rather jaundiced skin.  You know the bad guy in Poltergeist?  Well, they look a lot like him.