Path of the Seer

The Fabric of Worlds Unseen



The word bilocation is something you need to look at and think about.  Bi means two, or more specifically, divided in two in this instance.

When I use the term bilocation, I use it in two ways.  First, there is bilocation in the sense of being in two places at once and second, bilocation in the sense of being in two locations at once and then physically moving from the first location to the second.

Yeah, I know, sounds crazy.  In order to do either of these things, you must have two prerequisite attributes.  You must have an innate grasp of the nature of energy, yours, the universe, etc., but mostly your own.  And then, you must have control over your own intent.

Bilocation is big shaman work, and for that reason, I recommend that you do it wide awake, not during sleep or meditation.  I also suggest doing it this way for another reason.  Simply put, it will make you crazy, and in this sense being crazy is a good thing.  Doing bilocation work while you are fully awake will begin rocking you off those comfortable foundations upon which your existence sits in this world.  Some, but certainly not all, of the side effects of doing bilocation work include: spatial lapses, involuntary movements to places, depression, euphoria, etc.  Avoid operating heavy machinery while bilocating.

The mechanics of what we are as energetic creatures is nowhere more evident than when doing this sort of work.  We exist, of course, as a duality.  We are 'here' in this world, and yet, we sense and sometimes catch glimpses of other worlds.  The simple reason is that we are not whole in this consciousness.  Casteneda refers to this as the dreaming body or the double.  In my tradition, it was simply referred to as 'the other'.  This concept underlies all shamanic practice, and yet, it is one of the most over looked aspects of the practice.  The mechanical reason for this oversight is simple.  We live inside our heads.  Real bilocation is only possible when we can get outside our heads, i.e., this world consciousness, and move along with and use the other.  Shamans must reclaim the other and so become whole again in their natures; bilocation is one way to start that journey, to make overtures to that other energetic body.

Practical bilocation is commenced with the small things.  First you must learn to see with your eyes closed.  I know, it sounds stupid, but it is the first step.  I'm trying to keep all this very practical in application, mostly because I know that annoys people. :)  Get a little basket, a lunch bag, it doesn't really matter, just a small container of some sort and in it place maybe four small items, your choice.  Now sit at a table and close your eyes and dump your little bag, box, basket, whatever out in front of you and with your eyes still closed look at the table.  Look at the table until you see the exact pattern in which the objects fell.  Once you have that image, open your eyes and see if you are correct.  Keep at it, this is important if your 'seeing' is to ever be accurate.  Helpful hint: don't stare too long, we don't want your brain interfering with your seeing, it will try its best to take over.  Don't fight it, just work around it.

Once you are doing pretty well with the objects, move on to whole rooms.  After people have been in the bathroom in the morning, before you go in, close your eyes and 'see' exactly what it looks like, where what has been thrown, etc.  Or take a pair of socks, make them into a ball, open a door, reach your arm around and toss, then close the door and 'see' the socks.  And while you are in there see the rest of the room as well - even the dust bunnies. :)  What I'm trying to point out here is that you need to work with the familiar.  Don't try to watch the Pope take a bath first, work in small steps.

Once you have all this down, start working with people.  You can do this at work, seeing what someone is wearing before you see them in the morning or just going from one place to another.  All this trains your other self to listen to your call and make the movement.  Once you have all this down, then start working outward towards bigger and more distant targets.  I've already mentioned some of the side effects so be watchful.

We will leave it at that for the moment.  The other one, moving to the other side of your bilocation physically, is a biggie.  It's dangerous, energetically consuming, and until you have absolute clarity and control, not something I would recommend.  I've done it once, and the results are far reaching.  I won't attempt it again until I have an extreme reason, or until I know I am truly ready.  If you move physically without absolute clarity about the place you are going to you could end up inside a wall or something, so as they say, chop wood, carry water first. :)  It is very much like being sucked through a soda straw, and you are absolutely sure you are dying.  This is not a feeling in your mind; it is a feeling in your body.