Intent and Will

Ask yourself this: why does a newborn take its first breath?  Its intent is survival - it intends to live.  From that moment on, its life is bound up in intent.

How do we focus Intent?

I think the best way to understand intent is to work from the inside out.  For instance, you don't have to reform the intent to breathe each breath.

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mohabtreeThe weather was hot - not just hot, but the sticky wet hot of the mountains in August.

He slumped down in a chair nearest the old overhead fan that seemed to beat with a wobbling futility against the thick air.  He was glad to see the little diner was nearly empty; it was too hot to listen to the usual chatter about local politics or the weather and its effect on the local farmers.

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Will is the trigger, Intent is the gun

Everything is energy.  You are living in a grand supermarket of energy, some is human, and most is not.  There is an underlying fabric of the universe which is nothing but energy at its core.

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