Path of the Seer

Ask yourself this: why does a newborn take its first breath?  Its intent is survival - it intends to live.  From that moment on, its life is bound up in intent.

How do we focus Intent?

I think the best way to understand intent is to work from the inside out.  For instance, you don't have to reform the intent to breathe each breath.

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breakoutWhat do shamans "see" when they look at people?

I can give a description of the human onion.  When, in the shamanic sense, you see people in their totality as energetic beings, the picture isn't as easy to grasp as one might think because other human beings are made up of the same sorts of energy that the shaman is.

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mohabtreeThe weather was hot - not just hot, but the sticky wet hot of the mountains in August.

He slumped down in a chair nearest the old overhead fan that seemed to beat with a wobbling futility against the thick air.  He was glad to see the little diner was nearly empty; it was too hot to listen to the usual chatter about local politics or the weather and its effect on the local farmers.

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