Awake dreaming is movement into, and the use of, dreaming energy without passing entirely out of a waking state of normal consciousness.

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There is a place where you can go consciously which has nothing to do with this world; it's a dream space, you can move through it and with it as dreaming energy.  It ties directly to moving your awareness in general.

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Shamanism Classes at Shamanscave


The word bilocation is something you need to look at and think about.  Bi means two, or more specifically, divided in two in this instance.

When I use the term bilocation, I use it in two ways.  First, there is bilocation in the sense of being in two places at once and second, bilocation in the sense of being in two locations at once and then physically moving from the first location to the second.

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watery skullWhat are the pathways to seeing energy?

I think the best way to approach this is in a practical way.  Learning to see 'energy' is a function of both personal energy and learning to enlarge your worldview.

But there are methods that can be used to begin the process of creating an awareness of energies you are not normally cognizant of in the everyday world.

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water rocksWater, water, EVERYwhere...

Use a shallow pan.  Put a piece of black plastic in the bottom, like from a garbage bag.  Fill it with water, turn out your lights, and use two candles elevated so the flames are level with the top of the water, about six inches from either side.

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breakoutWhat do shamans "see" when they look at people?

I can give a description of the human onion.  When, in the shamanic sense, you see people in their totality as energetic beings, the picture isn't as easy to grasp as one might think because other human beings are made up of the same sorts of energy that the shaman is.

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