Self Healing

Information on healing the self

ominousUsing a rock to store excess anger, stress

Stress that hits the digestive, stomach, head, shoulders, and neck areas usually has to do with anger and the inability to express it for whatever reason.

Sometimes breaking your reaction patterns with people in your life creates a place where anger at the previous position tends to ball up.  That creates a pocket where you would normally have stretched out anger at someone, but now you find that it is still being created but has no place to go.

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colorfulThe recapitulation is not recommended for most young people - young being defined as teens and younger.  However, there are specific situations where it can be helpful even for a teen.  Those situations generally revolve around severe trauma in their young lives.  If there has been a history that involves trauma, abuse, addiction, molestation, then a teen can be encouraged to recapitulate their energy out of those events and people involved - specifically, breaking the energetic ties that are having a negative impact on their ability to develop as adults.

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But in the beginning of the process, once you reach a clean place, you may seem very aloof, even cold; it's only through acting with a detached compassion, ready to die for the intent to heal yourself, that you once again become someone people are drawn to emotionally.

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Emotional energy is a part of personal power, and you need to clean and understand it and use it in ways that can seem very alien.

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blackbirdCan you talk about what jealousy is energetically - its roots, purpose (or lack thereof), how it connects to us and why?

Jealousy is one of those emotions which is made up of components of several of the more direct emotional energies, a shade of each in a way that takes on a life of it's own.

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