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Our newest class session offers a bit of something for everyone, from beginners to the most advanced students. Check out our class listings for dates and times: Featured Classes Offered This Session.

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Join us at Shamans Cave

Explore the world of shamanism, contemporary shamanism and home of the maker tradition, an old tradition explored in modern terms. Here you will find: articles, beginning practices, healing information, active forums, live chat and a vibrant community of makers dedicated to the practice of shamanism in the modern world.

Shamanism taught from a contemporary perspective

Shamanism taught from a contemporary perspective


Shamans Cave offers a contemporary path to shamanic practices. The Maker tradition avoids many of the trappings of the past and focuses purely on the process of becoming a shaman in the modern world.

Articles on shamanic practice

Articles on shamanic practice


The Articles section contains information on many aspects of shamanic practice from dreaming, to awareness and perception. And covers a great number of topics of interest to those seeking an understanding of contemporary shamanism.

Discover the Makers- shamans in a modern world

Discover the Makers- shamans in a modern world


Explore the Maker tradition, a complete tradition translated from the oral traditions into a modern contemporary approach. The Makers represent a very practical and active approach for working in modern culture and the world.

Explore beginning practices

Explore beginning practices


Where do you start? We offer a number of beginning exercises for those interested in exploring whether a shamanic path is for them. Even if this is not for you, the exercises can help with clarity and focus in your life.

Visit 'The Caverns' an active school for shamanic learning

Visit 'The Caverns' an active school for shamanic learning


Join us for classes in the Maker tradition. Our course of classwork covers over sixty classes, each comprised of seven classes and exercises. Learn a complete tradition from self healing to the Mystery school.

Learn about shamanic healing, the self and others

Learn about shamanic healing, the self and others


NEW! Explore our new section on shamanic healing and the Maker method. Subjects range from the necessity for self healing to healing others. See the difference you can make in the world.

"A shaman without the gift is nothing, but the gift is nothing without the work."


What We Provide

What is Shamans Cave and what do we offer here. Shamans Cave is about shamanism in a contemporary world and cultures. We provide a school, information, a library for students, live chat and forums.

The Caverns

Explore the world of shamanism from a modern perspective, classes, forums, live chats, private consultations and Zoom meetings.

Shamanism Information

Our articles section covers a host of topics of interest to anyone seeking to understand more about shamanism and whether it might be journey for them.

The Student Area and Library

The student section explains more about what it's like to be a student in the Maker tradition as well as student only access to class logs and additional materials.

Forums and Live Chat

We offer public forums, student only forums as well as live chat through our IRC servers. You may use our contact form as well, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Why is Shamans Cave different

Shamans Cave provides community, help and information and has done so online for 25 years.

01 The Maker Tradition

Shamans Cave represents the Maker tradition as well as information on shamanism in general. Gain access to a complete shamanic tradition, a rarity in today's world.

02 We Provide Knowledge and Community

We're in a unique position, providing information, stories, classes, healing and most importantly community. We can help you find your way down a shamanic path. 

03 Experience and Compassion

Our experienced faculty and students can help you understand your potential, not just as a shaman, but as a human being. Our purpose is to serve a community, not just here, but across the world.