Shamanism is a dance across the unknown, a journey to test the limits of the human heart.  Shamanism devolves you, rebuilding you on a different model of what a human can be. Whether good or bad, it is certainly different.

Shamanism is:

  • Learning that time is not only not linear, but mostly irrelevant
  • Learning that clarity involves more than just understanding concepts
  • Learning that balance is an ongoing process of self adjustment and determination
  • Learning that seeing anything, is only one way to see among thousands of ways which are available to human beings
  • Learning that the paradoxes in shamanism (and most metaphysics) are not the end, they are only the means to create an opening through which one's consciousness can pass into a different realm of understanding
  • Learning that healing is a process of self determination for human beings and that sometimes you really can't help
  • Learning that stopping the world can happen in an instant, and in that instant, anything is possible
  • Learning that truth and experience is often in the movement of your energy and not in the final destination
  • Learning that being truly human is so much more than what we imagine and more than we choose to face
  • Learning that fear is real and that it holds your life hostage in ways people can never comprehend who seek to hide their fear
  • Learning that your own death is your true and only ally, that it puts all things in perspective and delivers you to clarity
  • Learning that perception is only a tool which man has chosen to use in very limited ways for very selfish ends
  • Learning that having compassion isn't the same as pity, even for yourself
  • Learning that you can do very little for your fellow man, but what you can do is important and almost always goes unnoticed
  • Learning to cry at your victories because you see the cost and laugh at your defeats for the same reason


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