The Universe of the Dreaming Mind

What Is the Fabric of Dreaming?


Your energy moves in sleep naturally towards the totality of what you are, but you can't recall that through reason, so you get pretty pictures and weird stories instead. Dreaming can be a powerful gateway.

What is the dreaming fabric made of, and how do we pierce it?

The fabric of dreaming is made up of your own reason or the energy - tear that fabric down, and you're left with what's behind the dream - raw energy, which gives you more freedom to move. It is, in a way, a method of reconnecting with yourself in a safer environment. You tear down the fabric by refusing to follow the scripts your reason runs in terms of imagery.

Safer than waking dreaming, you mean?

Yes, much safer. There are a whole set of dreaming practices that have evolved in different traditions - I just never cared for them. I like my sleep like a good steak. :)

It seems some people have a natural proclivity to working there.

Yes, it's an area where we come closest to ourselves in terms of a definition of our total energy, so most people are comfortable working there. I have no problems with it, it just has never been a big focus for me.

What differentiates a dreamer from the average person?

Dreamers tend to move more easily through their dreams to understandings of themselves and any given situation. Dreamers work from a point of what if's not what are's.

Is any energy retrieved here naturally felt there? So, a gain is a gain?

Yes, you are not apart from yourself except in your reason. My dreaming has become very abstract for the most part; I've noticed the change over the decades. There is a place beyond the fabric where we can reconstitute the past in dreaming - it's one way of moving there. You leave one world behind to constitute another, just as real, but in the past - history, but living history.