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I'm Looking for a Real Market for Real Talismans


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Here is a more important question - much more, and one that differs from any I've asked befor.  Bear with me.

I have many wares I craft and sell, and have as lately looked to sites such as Etsy or Ebay to sell, but neither excpet crafts made of animals.  Most of my crafts incorporate things made from animals - both disallowed from each place.

I am a unique merchant in that each piece is from whatever animal from wheverver - no matter the distance needed to travel.  All are made uniquely from andimal skin, bone, and/or stones, jewels, et cetera to create the exact piece of jewelry the consumer needs, but none of these mainstream sites accepts this.

Some are ready to go, named by the animal, and the place and where I killed it - others by other elemtnts of the stones I've found and my insights into what the buyer wants. This goes with everything from simple stone and steel jewelry to specific, animals and solid sterling I can connect with wire to them to extreme custom  pieces which list for many thousands of dollars.

I was dismayed that no mainstream site I've found yet will list these.  I can do anything, and will travel as far ast I must to create the pieces I must, to create what I must - but the price does go up with that.

The point is - where can I list things like this?  For instnance - if someone wants the bones of a wolf who tried to harm them created into a symbolic talisman, I can travel out there and do that, but these sites don't allow that.  Obv, however, that'd be expensive, but I've spent a lifetime shopping at run-of-the-mill rock and crystal stores and none of them offer this.  I can do this and already have many products to sell of a highly unique quality.  Any ideas?  


Sersiously, only hand tools on real materials - non-human of course - don't be sick.

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... Why btw is lame because I live in a Desert town of 4,000 people and go into the local hobby store and buy tanned rabbit pelts for $12 apiece, but yet have as yet not a way to sell such custom wares on the internet.

Go figure.

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I so apologize, but perhaps part of the answer hast just struck me.  I do already have a YouTube audience of near 100k.  I can do whatever there I can get away with, whish is quite a bit, let's be honest:  A year ago or so I posted a video on how to break down and conceal carry a weapon restricted in most of your states.  The problem is these videos don't get a lot of views - maybe only a few hundred or thousand, and it detracts from my normal viewership, but it's a jumping-off point, is it not?  I sick of catering to teenage viewers who only want video games - I already have the platform, in a sense. 

Still, I am open to any response.


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