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  2. Thanks karl. My intent based recapping was actually working fine. I just happened to have read that one student didn't feel recapping was effective for clearing out intent specifically so it made me think that perhaps i was not doing it right. I personally didn't notice difficulty recapping intents but what you said above reassures me that recapping intents should be sufficient. I also read that when we complete a task/goal the intent invested into it returns to us. The stubbornness i mentioned was in reference to the embarrassment i was trying to clear. but i will try to lean into what you're saying about feeling out resistance around it and the bricks metaphor -Tom.
  3. The forums she's referring to are for students, visible to students. (The free spirals class is not considered to be signing up for classes) You can ask the teacher of the class questions in the class to get some info on it, since the forums aren't going to work well for that free class when we do it, the same way we normally do classes. (1) As far as your questions go, I would ask the teacher if you want, but in brief: the "stubbornness" you refer to in taking back intents, I would take as a sign that there are underlying emotional intents or patterns that are holding the one you're working on in place. Sort of like bricks sitting on a board you're trying to move. If you follow the feeling of the resistance, you may get a sense of why they aren't moving so easily. You can, in fact, work with it directly with a strong enough intent, but it's often more productive to work on the underlying reasons it's not moving easily. (2) as far as taking back old intents, either recapping or taking back intents directly can work. You may find one works better than the other, or more completely, or they may work better for different things. They're sort of like tools in the toolbox. I've generally found recap to be a better "tool" but trying them out and seeing how they work for you is really the best answer. It could be different for another person. The most important thing is to have good results with whatever you're trying to do that work for you, and to get your energy back. -karl
  4. Thanks Cammie. It seems like it has less negativity associated with it after having done that many passes. As far as the forums go I only see four subjects. General Topics, Dreaming, Healing, and Shamanscave and the Makers
  5. Hey AH! In regards to the first part of your first question, yes totally do as many passes as it takes you. There isn’t a set limit -it’s how well you feel those energetic connections releasing/untangling. Sometimes it can take a bit depending on how well you focus on the movement and where you find those connections leading you. If you’re not sure about it, go back to the memory a few days later and see if there is still an emotional “sting”. If there is, no problem, just needs a little more digging. Like you already noticed there can be a lot of layers to certain emotions. You can post your intent questions to the student forums or the spirals 1 forum and I’m sure the teacher or other fellow students will answer those!
  6. Hi All, Two queries 1) While i was recapping, a particularly embarrassing moment from my past came up and i decided i wanted to clear it out. This type of energy seemed particularly stubborn. I worked on it for at least five inhalations and five exhalations. This was the first time i felt compelled to go beyond one breath cycle regarding a memory. I'm guessing this is just because there's a lot of layers to something like embarrassment? I mean... by its very nature embarrassment seems to carry a lot of resilient power. It has this ability to chain you to one moment as though it were still alive within you, no matter how much time has passed and no matter to what degree you are no longer that same person who committed said social faux pas. But there's the whole element of being socially rejected, judging yourself, someone else judging you, perhaps even it may be more intense if someone else remembers your social blunder from time to time too. I don't know what i'm getting at by posting this. Like... why is embarrassment such a force to be reckoned with and are there similarly stubborn energetic situations that are comparable to this? Like trauma for instance. Or anything like that. 2) i've been following the spirals I class and we were learning about clearing broken intents from our past. By broken intents i mean like.... for instance... at one time i really wanted to start a community of people who aimed to usher in a better world via community building, resistance, direct action, healing and think tanks. I built a website, wrote a manifesto, etc etc . I poured a whole lot of effort into it and it just never got off the ground. So I figured i would just clear that out while recapping. However someone in the spirals class seemed to notice a distinction when they recapped intent. Like... he felt recapping wasn't as effective as using a different method we were prescribed specifically for clearing intent. Can we clear broken intents while we recap or this energy different somehow? I think the teacher said that when clearing intent it's more up and down than side to side movement and you didn't need to compress your energy with a blanket or small space. Yet he did not specifically recommend that we move our head up and down. so yeah. i'm a bit lost here regarding this subject. Thanks.
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  8. "I think memory of my life gives me a bit of an anchor to the past in a sense which is important for me. " yes, that statement makes sense! that's why detaching or letting go is hard. we've been relying on our memories this whole time. so it can feel counterintuitive. who will i be if i let go of the anchor? how will i float...what will happen? they're big, daunting questions that are also curious...i think they can open up a lot of space for fresh air, new goals, epiphanies. "Doug, thank you for sharing. I've actually kind of wanted to meet someone born at the same time as me and see if they have the same craziness going on in their life. lol. Hopefully i can heal in a similar manner to you. Fingers crossed. " not to say Douglas' healing journey isn't admirable, it is, and you certainly have parallels- but your journey is equally admirable. the beauty of humans is we all have a unique story to contribute and impact the world with. you've been committed to healing for a long time and i'm so excited to see what comes up for you as you test the waters however you decide to here. "Stacey... i'll read your email in a little bit. HEyo! hi!" HAYYYYYY😜
  9. Eman and Cammie and Doug Thank you all. So including my compadre Stacey that is now four people telling me to do the recapitulation daily. so i started it today. I actually was recapping some interesting things. i feel like memory recall is important for me because my episodic memory is not very good. I think memory of my life gives me a bit of an anchor to the past in a sense which is important for me. Eman, you mentioned the recap class. I'm actually taking the spirals class right now. i missed the first class and am going to try to feel out if these classes are a good fit for me Cammie, you mentioned Castaneda. Which one of his books is the recap mentioned? I haven't read him in over a decade. Might want to revisit it. I like the string metaphor. Doug, thank you for sharing. I've actually kind of wanted to meet someone born at the same time as me and see if they have the same craziness going on in their life. lol. Hopefully i can heal in a similar manner to you. Fingers crossed. Stacey... i'll read your email in a little bit. HEyo! hi!
  10. i agree arcanehuman, do it if you're able to! this thread is awesome, it seems like your time to shine
  11. ArcaneHuman, Believe it or not, your description of "psychosis" and "condemnation narrative" very closely parallels my own experience. The details are different of course, but the impact on your day-to-day life seems almost exactly as I was experiencing my life. I also had some encounters and experiences along the way that seemed significant, spiritual or supernatural things, and yet left me ultimately unchanged (and a bit perplexed). And I tried some practices that seemed promising, made some difference, but did not really touch what needed changing. This "thing" (intrusive thoughts, condemnation narrative, "psychosis") of mine just would not move for me, I could not be free of it. That has changed. I have a degree of freedom now that seemed impossible a few years ago. And I'm not done yet, I'm going to get free-er still. But if nothing more changed for me, that would be fine. My life is much better and no longer the living hell that it had become. The minutes that I've invested day-by-day in getting my energy back have paid off well enough that I have no complaints about the process. The recapitulation practice seems almost silly, but it does take some effort and persistence. It's kind of paradoxical. How could doing something like that make me whole when all these other things (and people) could not? I have some ideas about why & how, but they are really irrelevant. What matters it that it works for me. I hope it works for you, if you give it a try again. I think it will. Wishing you all the best, Douglas
  12. Hello again. You know, we have a class here that's just about recapping and a new session is starting this Saturday Oct. 2... maybe the timing of your post here is serendipitous, let's say. I think if you are taught how's to do it properly, you'll do it and stick to it. Just 15-20 minutes a day, and within two months you'll start to feel a difference. Six months in, you'll feel like a different person. Stronger. Happier. Free from all the suffering and guilt you seem to carry. Believe me- or try for yourself. I really, really, hope you take it. I think if every human on earth practiced recapitulation our world would be a very different, happier reality. Intending you all the best on your journey towards healing and freeing yourself. Eman
  13. Right, I understand completely. The thing about it is that you kind of have to peel the layers off and gather your resources. A big tangled knot of string isn’t going to be untangled by yanking really hard on it. You have to finesse and tease the outermost parts first, and be patient. It take time to get to those core wounds. The more energy you retrieve on day to day things, little reactions to events, that persistent shoulder pain, or whatever, the more energy you have to tackle the big stuff. ❤️
  14. Hey Arcanehuman, I also knew about Recapping long before I was able to make a practice of it. I was introduced to it years ago through the Carlos Castaneda books, but it wasn’t something I could seem to really find time for. I don’t think I even understood how to actually go about it. I realized I needed some structure and that’s how I found Shamanscave, by looking up recapping classes. I knew myself well enough to know I would stick with something in a class structure but on my own i might suck at it, lol. But now that it’s a practice it’s one of those things I just do, like brushing my teeth. It’s a really good place to start and it’s one of those tools for life. this is a good place to start: https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation
  15. Hi Eman My IRL friend Stacey who referred me to this page has actually been recommending recapitulation to me for a while now. Honestly I tried to pick it up 3 or so times and dropped it after a week or two every time. So i guess i do have questions about it. What should I recap? Apparently one should not jump in and recap trauma. So then I just end up recapping whatever comes to mind as i'm recapping and that's why i don't feel motivation to continue the practice because i end up recapping like... buying a pretzel or something. And then something else will come to mind and i'll recap looking at someone's facebook pictures or something. It just seems kind of trivial if i'm not focusing on the moments when i lost significant amounts of energy..... as one would with trauma. I also use the stalking practice... or at least my own interpretation of it. That does help and i've done it here and there consistently over a long stretch of time. I remember there were like... 4 key elements according to the article on stalking. One of them was humor. The other ruthlessness? The others i do not remember. Humor is probably rather absent from my stalking. To me stalking is just doing unusual things to break one's habits of self towards the ends of freeing oneself from that small self. for a while when i was stalking i would get this point where i would shrug. That shrugging theme kept coming up. It was like... i was shrugging off something that's a big deal and not recognizing it as a big deal. but yeah... i never got to the root of what this shrugging really meant.
  16. Hi, Arcane Human, I was just talking with someone about how wonderful meditation is but the tragedy is that you put so much work into it without getting your energy back- that exactly is what will help you heal. I once meditated for years, it energized me etc but it wasn’t until I tried recapitulation that I actually began to heal …. Myself. can I suggest something? Browse through the articles on the caveshamans site and read up on what that is- recapitulation, an act of energy retrieval, and come back with a few questions, we’d all be happy to jump in and answer because everyone here has done it and really got a lot of self healing done that no one could ever give us. Eman
  17. Hi. I struggle with recurring "psychosis". I have these recurring delusions (or at least i hope they are delusions). In these episodes i end up feeling like I am evil. It's a very complex and nuanced experience. The world around me feels very fake yet i am responsible for the suffering in it because that is apparently real somehow. It feels like i chose this life in the bardos that preceded this life... with ill intent. It's a very unassuming incarnation i've taken on. i am not overtly hurting other people but my lifestyle surely creates suffering on this planet. But that lack of overt wrong doings is used against me when the "condemnation narrative" as i call it sinks its teeth in. It's like i'm pulling strings behind the scenes... sustaining war and inequitable living conditions... with my mind/ subconsciously performed black magick or something. It's such a horrible feeling. These psychotic episodes are intense and i can be easily overstimulated being out in public and get really triggered. So I can barely leave my house for more than a half hour. I feel like i am hyper aware of the destruction happening on this planet. Every car that passes reminds me of how screwed we are if we don't all start to embody love and literal magick. I think about how each of these people i pass require thousands of acres of agricultural land and there's billions of them. I think about people's ignorance and their unwillingness to open their eyes and see that our way of living is outdated and threatens to destroy us. Also why out of all the consciousnesses i could have inhabited... a bird, an ant, a lion, another person. Why am I this very specific human being who overthinks consciousness? What are the chances? Why do I not see through the eyes of others? So my question is how to heal. I have been meditating every day for over two years. My meditations are consistently profound. i can feel energy shifting and i end up recalling a lot of forgotten memories from my life which feels very promising and grounding through recollections of a simpler time. These memories surface very vividly. Yet still.... the psychosis returns time and time again. Part of me feels like i need a teacher though. And genuinely wise/powerful teachers are rather rare in these parts. I have underwent a small handful of unofficial initiations but i need someone to work with more closely over a more extended period of time. I met an indigenous man in downtown Santa FE, New Mexico over thirteen years ago who said to me "i heard what you were saying over there. You're a spiritual warrior. You'll see the sky fill with demons. You'll beat them but don't fight them." He said it like... 30 or 40 times. "you're a spiritual warrior. You'll see the sky fill with demons. You'll beat them but don't fight them" I've seen a bit upwards of 10 healers and none of this cleared out all the chaos/darkness. 3 of them did their work for free. 1) One time i went to a woman and she said "you need mothering". She bid me to lay my head on her lap and i felt blanketed in the most loving energy. But no sooner did i silently say to myself "I wish i could stay here forever" that she stood up and said "You know what you need? You need a stick" And i said "oh i left one outside leaning up against the wall near the door" "I know" she said. Then she left and came back right away with this stick and it was glowing with white light. She handed it to me saying "This is your inner rod of light. No one can give this to you but yourself............. you're welcome." So my way of interpreting that is that either it wasn't really my rod of light..... or she was speaking through a non-dual perspective where she and i are actually the same. that it was myself giving it to myself. 2) I was at Alex Grey's CoSM volunteering so i was there before the first event. This man walked in. He was Mexican and like... well over 6'4" tall and his energy/presence just wowed me. anyway... it was made clear that he was a very powerful shaman. Many hours later as the night drew to a close he was walkiing through the crowd of hip looking spiritual young people and out the front door and i asked him "do you have any advice?" He said something like... "meet me here tomorrow morning at 930 AM and we'll talk" That next morning I talked to him mostly about intrusive disturbing thoughts since that was my main concern at the time. I was looking at his face and it was morphing and changing into these really ugly monsters. Apparently he knew what i was seeing because he said to me.... "When you see those... say Those Motherfuckers." I said "What are they?" He replied simply "They're Nothing." Then he led me into a trance state of some kind and at the perfect moment i felt him place the flat of his palm on the sternum of my chest and he moved his hand up and down (right where the Anahata chakra would be) and after ten seconds of this i burst into laughter as though i had just been told the most brilliant joke. To this day i have no idea what i was laughing about. So yeah... i've come to the conclusion that i could really use a teacher. I was invited to join a western esoteric mystery school but i also feel like i could use a shamanic practitioner. Like... someone who actually knows what they're doing. It's a bit of a catch 22 because i need to heal first before i can travel to a teacher... And hence i continue to meditate daily. Also the title of this post "Shamanic Futures" is just a hope that i have for this hopeless world. That people who are healers come together and strengthen each other's ability to comprehend and allow for magick. I often wonder if such a blessing is in the stars.
  18. Hi Aleyurs, I do not know if this dream was inspired by Creator, or the dark side. Because I believe it is possible for the dark side to access our dream realm, I am cautious of drawing meaning from dreams. I believe that any dream should be carefully examined for dark side activity before interpreting them. Mischievous dark spirits seek to harass, confuse, and cause us pain in any way they can. If a dream environment is crafted by a mischievous spirit, the purpose is to cause you harm, often by confusion and worry. For example, in your dream, you say you are scared of what you are shown. Could be as simple as wanting to scare you. If this is the case, I would take authority over this spirit and demand that it leave my dream space immediately. I would pray before bed, and declare by the Creator's Love that my dreams will be free from any dark influence. If you are an experienced dreamer, I would try to demand that this spirit reveal it's true identity in the dream. Or I would demand that he leave and not return. On the other hand, if you have investigated this and are sure that it was God inspired, then I would ask my Helpers what should be done about this dream. Perhaps it is a warning of something to avoid. Perhaps it is something to pray against. I can't be sure without having done a formal journey on it. However, in general, it does not sound like a "good omen" dream because the tone of your dream contains suspense and fear. (If I read your description right).
  19. Thank you peastacey!! many blessings to you!!
  20. welcome konsciencia, i like your name
  21. Hello everyone! This experience happened to me last year during the pandemic, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences Out of Body I ever had. This Out of Body experience happened in the afternoon. I laid down and tuned out all of the noises around me, and I closed my eyes and began to meditate while I was in bed. I slowly began to ease and did not make any movements. All of a sudden, I start to see with my Third Eye the ceiling above me with two random light bulbs, and slowly I feel myself floating above towards the ceiling. Now, I don't remember if I saw my body laying down or not, but all I remember was that I pass through the ceiling above of what looked like the roof top of the house I am in. The sky was absolutely gorgeous with no Sun but it was quite as day. There was no cars, no people or anything else except the wonderful Trees with the Leaves so green it's hard to describe in words. Simultaneously, a Crow landed on top of the roof top, and then it slowly began to grow and grow until it was a giant. Once it was huge, it began to fly around, and then the giant Crow came back to me. All of a sudden, I got on top on the Crow's back, and then it flew upwards as I was riding it, and I even felt the wind. Last, the Crow brought me back to the roof top, and we parted ways, but before I ended my Journey with this amazing Power Animal I patted the Crow, and that's when I returned back to my body, or maybe I woke up from this OBE I am not to sure. This experience was so amazing and fun as well, and I will never forget it. I thank The Universe for allowing me to have such an experience. I hope all of you enjoyed my little experience. Thank you all for reading, and many blessings! and good vibes to you all.
  22. Hello Strange!!! I am not a Shaman either I have no specific titles but in my perspective, Shamanism is also a way to communicate with your Power Animal, and reach within you to access The Universe as I have. Also, it is a way to be humble, and have tremendous amount of patience. I hope that helped a bit, but even Norse Shamanism can be found. Many blessings!! and I send my highest Energy Vibes to you. Have a great Journey
  23. hi Konsciencia -- welcome!
  24. Hello everyone, and welcome. I am new here and I may not be a Shaman perse, but I am familiar with what is Shamanism. I find Shamanism quite wonderful, but I consider myself Universal. Meaning, that I am One with The Universe as I know many of you are. Therefore since I am One with The Universe, I have no specific title, but I find Shamans to have great wisdom. I hope that one day you all would like to share your amazing Wisdom, as I know I would share mine. Have wonderful blessings!! and hope to engage with you all soon. I send my Highest Energy Vibe to this forum and the Shamans here. Thank you!!
  25. Oh, that's good to know. And your response was super helpful, thank you
  26. Hi Kelly, I don’t see how your current practice would infringe upon your potential future recapping, so don’t worry about that I do just want to mention, however, that recapping has the intention of many, many others before you, so in essence, when working with the recapping practice, you are riding that already existent wave of intention (intent of healing, of clarity, of taking back what is yours and letting go what isn’t, etc..). It’s an old practice and has a lot of omph behind it already. Despite knowing about the recapping process years before coming to the cave I couldn’t seem to get into it either until I took the recap class. Once I did it enough to see the changes I was hooked And yes, in order to be effective with a lot of the exercises here you’re going to have to get your energy back and recap is a really gentle and at-your-own-pace way to do it. I hope this helps! cami
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