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  2. Thank you peastacey!! many blessings to you!!
  3. welcome konsciencia, i like your name
  4. Hello everyone! This experience happened to me last year during the pandemic, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences Out of Body I ever had. This Out of Body experience happened in the afternoon. I laid down and tuned out all of the noises around me, and I closed my eyes and began to meditate while I was in bed. I slowly began to ease and did not make any movements. All of a sudden, I start to see with my Third Eye the ceiling above me with two random light bulbs, and slowly I feel myself floating above towards the ceiling. Now, I don't remember if I saw my body laying down or not, but all I remember was that I pass through the ceiling above of what looked like the roof top of the house I am in. The sky was absolutely gorgeous with no Sun but it was quite as day. There was no cars, no people or anything else except the wonderful Trees with the Leaves so green it's hard to describe in words. Simultaneously, a Crow landed on top of the roof top, and then it slowly began to grow and grow until it was a giant. Once it was huge, it began to fly around, and then the giant Crow came back to me. All of a sudden, I got on top on the Crow's back, and then it flew upwards as I was riding it, and I even felt the wind. Last, the Crow brought me back to the roof top, and we parted ways, but before I ended my Journey with this amazing Power Animal I patted the Crow, and that's when I returned back to my body, or maybe I woke up from this OBE I am not to sure. This experience was so amazing and fun as well, and I will never forget it. I thank The Universe for allowing me to have such an experience. I hope all of you enjoyed my little experience. Thank you all for reading, and many blessings! and good vibes to you all.
  5. Hello Strange!!! I am not a Shaman either I have no specific titles but in my perspective, Shamanism is also a way to communicate with your Power Animal, and reach within you to access The Universe as I have. Also, it is a way to be humble, and have tremendous amount of patience. I hope that helped a bit, but even Norse Shamanism can be found. Many blessings!! and I send my highest Energy Vibes to you. Have a great Journey
  6. hi Konsciencia -- welcome!
  7. Hello everyone, and welcome. I am new here and I may not be a Shaman perse, but I am familiar with what is Shamanism. I find Shamanism quite wonderful, but I consider myself Universal. Meaning, that I am One with The Universe as I know many of you are. Therefore since I am One with The Universe, I have no specific title, but I find Shamans to have great wisdom. I hope that one day you all would like to share your amazing Wisdom, as I know I would share mine. Have wonderful blessings!! and hope to engage with you all soon. I send my Highest Energy Vibe to this forum and the Shamans here. Thank you!!
  8. Oh, that's good to know. And your response was super helpful, thank you
  9. Hi Kelly, I don’t see how your current practice would infringe upon your potential future recapping, so don’t worry about that I do just want to mention, however, that recapping has the intention of many, many others before you, so in essence, when working with the recapping practice, you are riding that already existent wave of intention (intent of healing, of clarity, of taking back what is yours and letting go what isn’t, etc..). It’s an old practice and has a lot of omph behind it already. Despite knowing about the recapping process years before coming to the cave I couldn’t seem to get into it either until I took the recap class. Once I did it enough to see the changes I was hooked And yes, in order to be effective with a lot of the exercises here you’re going to have to get your energy back and recap is a really gentle and at-your-own-pace way to do it. I hope this helps! cami
  10. I've struggled with convincing myself to recap for years (decades? idk) and tried various solutions to no avail. I assume it's fear, but I haven't been able to pin it down. Recently, I started a meditation program that focuses almost exclusively on letting go. I've been doing great with it so far, and I'm tickled to get in real practice letting go, something I've also struggled with for years (grudges and such). I'm sure it's not as effective as the letting go portion of the recap process since my energy isn't compressed, the intent is different, etc., etc. Still, I think it's good practice all the same. Suppose I do this meditation technique, and it turns out to be effective to some degree or another at letting go of foreign energy. Will it be a problem when I recap later? Also, I understand that I won't be as effective with the work until I get my energy back. But will this cause problems for me during classes while I'm learning to do this stuff if I've let go of foreign energy but not pursued my own?
  11. Hi Koiu. I would say, retrieve your energy from the world. We lose energy as we go though life- check out the sections / articles on recapitulation. We constantly move through life retrieving our energy and find the ways we lose energy and try trouble change those things about how we live. Good luck to you a d let us know if you have any questions about the recap once you’ve read the articles. Mandy
  12. Hello Toc, I often place the stone under my upper thigh as I lie on my back in bed falling asleep. It's interesting how much you feel the energy with your stone. That state between sleeping and awareness is a good entry way for me to go into dreaming energy, with or without my dreaming stone. And yes indeed, dreaming energy can be felt while awake too. Welcome to the cave, D,
  13. I used to be able to journey easily ,i fell asleep once and since then I cannot journey anymore. what can i do?
  14. Hi Toc, No problem about your English - it's plenty good, and better than my French! We do have some French members. As far as sleeping with your dreaming stone, there's a few things you can try. Some people have tied it to their hands, or put it in a pocket, if they have one. I have put it in my pillow case and tried to hold it while I fall asleep with my hand inside the pillow case. Of course, having it in your hand while asleep the whole time isn't possible, but it's best if you can have it on your body or very close to you while you fall asleep so you can align with the energy of it as you enter dreaming. Dreaming energy can be entered into when awake, though it functions a bit differently than while asleep. The energetic movement is similar, but because we are awake, the effect is different. But it's still a dreaming energy or alignment. However, dreaming stones are used for sleep dreaming for the most part. -karl
  15. Hi, I’m french, so sorry for my english, i use rarely this langage. Thank you so much for this tips. It’s very interessting and usefull. I make a my dreaming stone and every things fine. But, how can you fall asleep with this stone in your hand ? I try but all my body is warm and viber. It’s quite difficult to sleep. To resolve this problem i try to put me in the state of recapitulation. When i recap, at a moment i begin to be at a state between sleeping and awarness. In this state i can sleep. But does this state, where i put my self to sleep, is the normal way to go into my dreaming energy without dreaming stone ? I’ve got another question. When i take this stone in my hand, i feel like this wake up a warm energy, different of the others i ever felt. Are we able to feel this dreaming energy when we are awake or we can just feel it during ou dreaming ? Again, thank you for this forum and your website. It’s really great.
  16. need a password :)



  17. Hi Richard, Thank you for your question in a sense it is quite fundamental, as its core a balanced shamanic tradition is concerned with healing, the healing of the self and then the healing of the world. It’s a bit like eating food, we have to first find the food that works for our constitution so we can heal from the inside out but then only when we have done that can we truly experience the joy of eating because we have freed ourselves of attachments to food that were toxic to us in the first place, so that food falls away and you become someone different more in line with who you really are. Now lets take that analogy and apply it to your entire energy because shamanism if done actively deals with energy then you can realign yours to what it is in potential and let go of the toxic stuff, this is a movement of your own energy toward healing and it is the most fundamental one before anything can happen with clarity in the shamanic world. Human beings are a bit like Barbapapas that have grown into shapes that become untenable after a while but the original shape is still there underneath you just have to undo everything that covers it. It is a lot of work, quite difficult at times and you can do it by yourself too at your own rhythm, making your own choices along the way so you own all the victories in the end. In a more practical way here at shamanscave we have classes to teach how to do that and also you can peruse the articles on the main site some of them share useful practices you can try to start the process. The recap exercise is the most important one but you could also try to use a stone to help you with your fear, it worked quite well for me. The links I shared underneath will take you to them. For the stone one, the article uses anger as an example but you can do it with fear too, just make sure you use only one emotion per stone. Hope this helps to start with. C https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/the-recapitulation https://www.shamanscave.com/self-healing/anger-rock
  19. Hi Bluerat, We don't do soul retrieval healings per se, we have a different way of working with that type of healing. However, I think you might benefit from doing some grounding work on yourself. The easiest way to do this is to literally connect with the earth, sit on the ground beneath a tree or somewhere. If that isn't an option and you have access to rocks outside, find some that feel agreeable with you and bring them home, sit with them, ask them to help ground you. You can also try eating some root vegetables - carrots, potatoes, etc. as they can have a grounding effect. I would try some of these methods and see if they help. If it doesn't, come back and we'll try something else but it should help. Lorrie
  20. I am a new student to shamanism and I love it. About a month ago, I had my first soul retrieval with an experienced healer. It was a powerful experience for me and I felt great the day I wrapped it up. However, since then, my moods have been very up and down and I’ve had a lot of memories from the past coming up and stirring me. I feel very out of sorts and depressed a lot these days. I was expecting to feel better and not worse! Is it normal for things to be a bit out of sorts before they improve? If so, how long does it take?
  21. Whether you're a 'shaman' or not is truly up to your community you would be serving, but that truly becomes beside the point when you begin unfolding all your power with grace and glory. To expand on something a friend of mine here had said to me, shamanism is a state of being- and it exists for us all in potential. There are many reasons ofc why it doesnt become something more for every person, mainly because we all have our own paths and there are so many to choose from though yes, also the provisions of culture count a lot, shamanism typically isnt inherent to every culture and furthermore, it's misunderstood by many these days (though it's tricky to wrap the mind around, i don't blame people for their interpretations. Today ) but most of all, its a choice. You have to work really hard at it- it doesnt just come to someone and serve them. And accept it will compromise your expectations. Feeling satisfied with myself as a 'shaman' has become less of an important destination for me, and more about- well why do I care, anyway? What led me here?
  22. Ralph, I appreciate the analogy, and it does make sense but still more questions arise. From a reading stand point I get it, from the perspective of others I do not. Each culture, tribe, clan, religion, path etc has various views on it. I am caught up in what makes one as such? Is it simply to be a spiritual leader for the community/tribe/clan. Is it to traverse with the soul to the beyond for influence and guidance. Are they for the better good? Some shamans can been seen as destructive while others nurturing. My understanding is through the eyes of a Heathen, which has very limited access to shamanic practices, we have a few and that involves trance and fate dealings that are done by The Völur. Some say you need to do this others say that, some frown heavily upon the neopagan out look.
  23. Hi Strange, I use an analogy with dance these days. See shamanism as dance, there's dance everywhere in the world, it has enough in common so that you recognize it is dancing, but it also encompasses many practices and many tunes. You could learn to dance on your own and become a very good dancer, but what if you had teachers with a lot of experience with dancing? Maybe they could make you learn faster by giving you exercises or dancing routines. Maybe they could also show you some aspects of dancing you never considered. Dance well, Ralph
  24. Hello all, I am a Norse pagan and shamanism hasn’t really hit much but I got into a discussion about the subject and asked a few questions and wanted more insight. Do you have to be initiated by a shaman to become one?
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