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  2. yeah i'm interested to see how it will all come together as i learn more. thanks.
  3. Good observation, it's sometimes helpful to think of the exercises like a koan where it delivers you to a space or non-place that will teach you something and expand your energy. And to reinforce what Eman wrote, the class exercises are both intended to give you a taste/sample of what can be done and you would be wise to continue practicing and expanding on your own (each exercise can really become it's own thing if you work with them enough) but they are also given in a way to overwhelm you slightly because that gets you out of your comfort zone and then your energy has the space to move. We generally recommend that students take two classes at a time as it does stretch the students comfort level without being too overwhelming. Many students though, take one class at a time and do well, I think because they do devote a lot of energy to working with the movements and exploring them. All the movements sort of weave back together at some point, Lorrie
  4. Word. This class keeps getting recommended to me. For some reason i keep wanting to sign up for stalking I. I'm now leaning towards recap because it's been recommended a number of times. I think two classes in one "semester" is too much for me. Your advice really encouraged me to make a list of all the exercises (which i'm still in the process of doing). And i did engage with more challenging ones today, like last week's exercise seeing through the dark. That one's definitely a challenge. I did the coin exercise too. I had crazy results with that one today. But the results didn't even seem like the point of it. So i guess it's good to have ones i enjoy doing and balance that out with ones that take more energy and focus. I could ramble on but i won't. Thanks for the insight and advice
  5. Also some great advice from Travellur. C https://www.shamanscave.com/blogs/entry/2022/08/how-to-be-a-shamans-cave-student
  6. ((ArcaneHuman)) These are the ones you should focus on- they are opportunities for growth. If you think about Spirals, for example, the entire class, in terms of exercises, really is just one movement: getting you to use your intent intentionally + the knowledge that came with the class. Quicksilver, as you're seeing, is developing your awareness and perception, the exercises all geared towards fine-tuning these energies. All classes are just one big movement in a sense that had to be broken down into smaller achievable ones. What I did, having been a student at the cave too, is that I went through and focused on each class at a time and incorporated many exercise into my life. Some things became part of my daily regular routine, like recap, working with rocks, etc. Remember you are in the stages of moving and understanding your energy as you heal it, so tier 1 is all about you. Focus on the exercise of the week as you take a class because it helps prepare your energy for the next exercise. You can, afterwards, go back and revisit whatever you want and need to. Here are some analogies that worked for me, silly as they are : with these classes you are going through an energetic transformation and growth, like a Transformer. Also, if you were a car with a lot of dents, you are taking apart the car (you), understanding how each piece works (a specific class), fixing it, and then putting them all together again but now you've become a car that has technology that the world doesn't really have, and it can do things other cars can't. There will be an "aha!" moment, or a series of them, where classes connect, and you begin to realize is that you are turning into the person, the healed, powerful, energetic creature you were born to be and wants to come into the world: each class is a part of that transformation. So go through each class with the intent to take the challenges head-on and learn from the ones you can't do: this is where the real change happens. And if you can't do it now, so what? A year from now, you'll pick it up and do it as easily as making a P&B sandwich because your energy has changed over time... this has actually happened to me. Long answer, but the short of it is focus on what's at hand, keep on recapitulating (I would really take this class and you will see why when you do- too long to explain here but it goes into such great detail that you don't get from the articles, so worth it), and go for the challenging exercises because "if you push anything long enough, it will eventually move" (quoting Gary). I hope this helps. e.
  7. So i have taken Spirals I and am in the middle of Quicksilver. There's so many exercises under my belt that i don't totally know what to do with them. Like... i don't know if it's enough to just do the exercise for each week and then drop it like a hot potato or if i should try to determine for myself what practices i should do... and then try to do a small handful of those exercises each day. Obviously the more we practice the more we learn but i come against resistance with the more challenging exercises. But maybe those are the ones i should be doing? Or maybe just the opposite. Do the ones that feel easy for me. I could ramble on but i'm sure this is enough to riff off of. My only constant is that i do recapitulation pretty much every day and usually some stalking but not always. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  8. Happy New Year Maker Plant Pioneers

     I ran across the video that I think relates to you all on plants and healing, I found it very interesting. 

    Although it is a bit long of a video, but I consider it worth watching. I was glued to it like a magnet. and I had to share it.  I'm curious on what your comments would be. if you take the time watch it.




  9. Hello Esthetic11 Cammie has some good suggestions. I'd like to add that one can recap the emotion around memory as well as the specific memory. In other words, it doesn't matter how you experienced what you experienced. Treat the experiences as real.You can do the same with dreams. I think it's been proven that everything we experience, whether or not it's based in a "solid" reality, is experienced by our bodies as having really happened. I believe it was a study done about the effects of dreaming on the human psyche. I could be mistaken, but I don't think so. Just recap all the stuff without judgment about its solidity, dimension, etc. Good luck, and keep recapping all of it.
  10. If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.

    If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

    74th verse of the Wisdom of the Tao

  11. Thank you kindly. I am recapping everyday. I even directly recapped some trauma the other day for one session. I didn't want to go overboard but i've been recapping for so long that i figured i might give it a shot. felt a few interesting things afterwards. I'm not going to keep doing that regularly i just figured i'd give it a try at least and see what happens.
  12. We do really feel helpless if our minds attack us. Can you see that there appears to be many of you, there is your mind that seems to have its mind of its own, then there is part of you that is feeling vulnerable and crippling with fear, then there is part of you trying to do the white magic to counter punch with you feeling the black magic. But who are you? We can't really solve the problem using our mind the same mind that used to create the problem in the first place. Your experiences are all seems to be in your mind, our mind is powerful don't underestimate it.. it creates the problem and same time it creates a seeming solution and then 'you' are just being tossed from one end to the next but still within the same spectrum, so it just like a roller coaster, it goes up and down but its only in a cycle. So how can we get out from the cycle? I don't think it has a quick fix knowing that there are so many aspects in our energy involve. But having started with recap is great way, you are doing spiral too which gives you would gain clarity, you are taking quicksilver which would help you deal with stuckness in your emotional response, so these would definitely keep you moving out from that cycle. Also try to ground yourself, I mean do some physical activities..it helps clear the mind and anchor you. Belle ps.. I don't downplay the power of praying, me myself coming from a religious background.. but don't think that praying will ultimately solve your problem it will help you find your way.. but it still you will have to do it for yourself.. it doesn't mean that God is mean but He wanted you to see Him as yourself..
  13. Hi Esthetic11, It might be worth trying the basic recap anyway, even if it doesn’t feel like that’s where you want to start. The reason I say this is that you’ll likely notice where the energy goes by recapping the mundane. Try it in the evening and go through your day, people you spoke to, things you did, food you ate, and then follow those threads where and when the energy shifts and takes you away from the present moment. I guess you could think of the basic recap as a spring board that catapults you into other areas of your energy and it might even show you what triggers those non ordinary shifts in the first place. Try it for a couple of weeks and see what you see. Hope this helps!
  14. I've experienced much of my life in other spaces than the third dimension. I oscillate between whether my experiences were 'real' and of an etheric nature or were rather just in my sometimes overactive imagination. I'm noticing that much of my energy is tied up in places other than the present moment and it is affecting my memory, my ability to parent, and my overall energy levels; I know that I can't do my great work without healing myself first. I know that I need to pull myself back to me, I've sensed this for awhile now, but when I look at the basic recapitulation instructions, one must imagine the moment where their energy is stuck. Moment to me implies time and space. Most of what I need to recap has no such solidity. I suppose I have much to work on that is solid, but the stuff that feels most actively draining is not. Any ideas on what to do with such energy drains? I'm new to this site and hope I posted appropriately; thx.
  15. Hi EnergyGem, Its great to find other wisdom in different tradition in parallel to what we see and know. Its just boils down the how we find the ways to know, I would like to say that we all have different doorway but at the end we have the same destination. Thank you for introducing that to us, I also believe that physical body is important in integrating all the knowledge. Belle
  16. Hi ArcaneHuman, Yes the world is so familiar what we see today we 'expect' that we see them tomorrow or the next day. So 'expectation' is not the same as intent. We help perpetuate the existence of whatever that 'is' not because of our moment to moment intent but because we had already agree, accept and expect that as part of our reality. Although it could be a combination of 'expectation' and 'intent' for something to keep existing, like when you go to buy cigarette, first you expect that store to be there and you keep on buying help sustain the original intent of the owner. You go to groceries to buy your food, you expect that the products you are buying and the store still exist. Something that already visible and defined to us we 'expect' that it will do the same thing. When you sit in a chair, you 'expect' first that it will hold you up rather you intent to hold it up. We keep the collective intent by supporting it buy patronizing it but we can intent something what we think right... we don't have to always agree what's our reality that has been created and set out. So build your new reality by having clear intent and unbending will, Its like you sewing a cloth, fabric is your intent, the needle is your will.. Belle
  17. Psychosis is characterized as a separation from reality. It may be accompanied by delusions, hallucinations, and erratic speech and thinking.
  18. Hi there, When I tried to look up your account on the site, there was no account for ArcaneHuman, I think you may have only created an account on the forums? There are actually two places you need to create an account, you can use the same password for ease of remembering but the are two different accounts. I created an account for you, I'll pm the password to you. Let me know if this did not fix the problem. Lorrie
  19. Hi. I tried to purchase the quicksilver class today. When i went to check out it asked that i log in. I tried two passwords (i clearly forgot the password). After the second attempt i was brought to a page that said "We have detected suspicious activity from your IP address. Your access to this site is temporarily suspended." Now i cannot see the shamans cave website. only the forum. So yeah... i'll definitely need to recover my password and fix the accessibility issue. Thanks in advance for any assistance/help.
  20. oh and i've taken Spirals I. That's it so far. And i already know and practice the basic recapitulation technique.
  21. Hi. I looked at the class list for tier 1 on the students forum. Apparently several classes are starting on December 11th? Including Seeing, Quicksilver, Recapitulation, and Shamanic Mind. My friend Stacey recommended i take quicksilver but now i don't know since i was aiming to do recapitulation? Should i maybe do two classes and just read the logs for one of the classes later? I know that these tier 1 classes can be prerequisites for tier 2 classes and i do want to progress as much as possible within the shortest span of time. So should my goal to be eventually take every tier 1 class? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  22. What is a feed... Lets see

  23. There are a lot of things in this world that i don't want to be happening. For instance, I possess a hyper awareness of how cars are currently destroying the planet, from my perspective at least. It just sticks out to me as a sore thumb, and I rarely come across people who see it the way I do. The destructive nature of cars is super obvious to me and most people don't seem to give it a second thought. To me, even if all the other problems were taken away, we would still have to urgently deal with the pressing issue of car induced pollution and highways and pervasive asphalt and what not. But when i step out into the world come morning time, i intend for reality to be the way it is because it's so familiar and persistent and structural to my existence. I'm used to it. It almost defines my reality. So I intend for it to continue. There's a convenience store where i can buy my cigarettes and food. It might not be in my line of sight as I first set out through my apartment complex on my determined walk towards the store, but I intend for it to be there when i get there. And when I arrive it is always there. So am I sustaining the existence of said store through intent? Additionally, There are trucks driving cross country to ensure that the world continues on as it was yesterday, to ensure that this store has the products I seek, and even though i don't like that fact... I still intend for the food these trucks are delivering to be present at the store when i get to the store. I read in some shamans cave article that when we sit in a chair we intend for the chair to hold us up. So does my half-hearted intention that the world continue as I saw it to be yesterday speak ill of my personal intentions? Or am i just one soul trying to weave my own intents in a world of conflicting intents? I read in a book about Hawaiian shamanism that we can re-dream aspects of our reality. So i imagined my Rite Aid (drug store) to be a butterfly tent. but nonetheless as i went throughout it searching for my Things, it surely did not look like a butterfly tent. the asphalt outside was not rivers of pure water. The automatic doors were not gates of pure light.
  24. I've given you access to the Spirals 1 student forum so that you can ask questions there, that is the best place to ask as it keeps everything from getting scattered all over the forums and you've taken the class and are clearly interested in using the practices and learning more: https://www.shamanscave.com/forum/forum/6-spirals/ Basically, the intents can be stored in different areas of your energy body, so good work in being able to recognize where they are. When you take Recap., you will learn how to target those areas in your body to get access to the memories behind those intents you formed and recover it as well as the intent itself. The Recap and Spirals practices go hand in hand in helping to recover energy that you have trapped in different parts of your physical and energetic body over your lifetime. So you are doing things correctly. What the Recap will do for you in this process is to help you not only recover the energy from these experiences but it will also help you to understand and recognize the patterns in your life that got created over time either from these experiences or were reinforced as a result of the patterns once in place.
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