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  3. Hi Koiu. I would say, retrieve your energy from the world. We lose energy as we go though life- check out the sections / articles on recapitulation. We constantly move through life retrieving our energy and find the ways we lose energy and try trouble change those things about how we live. Good luck to you a d let us know if you have any questions about the recap once you’ve read the articles. Mandy
  4. Hello Toc, I often place the stone under my upper thigh as I lie on my back in bed falling asleep. It's interesting how much you feel the energy with your stone. That state between sleeping and awareness is a good entry way for me to go into dreaming energy, with or without my dreaming stone. And yes indeed, dreaming energy can be felt while awake too. Welcome to the cave, D,
  5. I used to be able to journey easily ,i fell asleep once and since then I cannot journey anymore. what can i do?
  6. Hi Toc, No problem about your English - it's plenty good, and better than my French! We do have some French members. As far as sleeping with your dreaming stone, there's a few things you can try. Some people have tied it to their hands, or put it in a pocket, if they have one. I have put it in my pillow case and tried to hold it while I fall asleep with my hand inside the pillow case. Of course, having it in your hand while asleep the whole time isn't possible, but it's best if you can have it on your body or very close to you while you fall asleep so you can align with the energy o
  7. Hi, I’m french, so sorry for my english, i use rarely this langage. Thank you so much for this tips. It’s very interessting and usefull. I make a my dreaming stone and every things fine. But, how can you fall asleep with this stone in your hand ? I try but all my body is warm and viber. It’s quite difficult to sleep. To resolve this problem i try to put me in the state of recapitulation. When i recap, at a moment i begin to be at a state between sleeping and awarness. In this state i can sleep. But does this state, where i put my self to sleep, is the normal way to go into my d
  8. need a password :)



  9. Hi Richard, Thank you for your question in a sense it is quite fundamental, as its core a balanced shamanic tradition is concerned with healing, the healing of the self and then the healing of the world. It’s a bit like eating food, we have to first find the food that works for our constitution so we can heal from the inside out but then only when we have done that can we truly experience the joy of eating because we have freed ourselves of attachments to food that were toxic to us in the first place, so that food falls away and you become someone different more in line with who you reall
  11. Hi Bluerat, We don't do soul retrieval healings per se, we have a different way of working with that type of healing. However, I think you might benefit from doing some grounding work on yourself. The easiest way to do this is to literally connect with the earth, sit on the ground beneath a tree or somewhere. If that isn't an option and you have access to rocks outside, find some that feel agreeable with you and bring them home, sit with them, ask them to help ground you. You can also try eating some root vegetables - carrots, potatoes, etc. as they can have a grounding effect. I wo
  12. I am a new student to shamanism and I love it. About a month ago, I had my first soul retrieval with an experienced healer. It was a powerful experience for me and I felt great the day I wrapped it up. However, since then, my moods have been very up and down and I’ve had a lot of memories from the past coming up and stirring me. I feel very out of sorts and depressed a lot these days. I was expecting to feel better and not worse! Is it normal for things to be a bit out of sorts before they improve? If so, how long does it take?
  13. Whether you're a 'shaman' or not is truly up to your community you would be serving, but that truly becomes beside the point when you begin unfolding all your power with grace and glory. To expand on something a friend of mine here had said to me, shamanism is a state of being- and it exists for us all in potential. There are many reasons ofc why it doesnt become something more for every person, mainly because we all have our own paths and there are so many to choose from though yes, also the provisions of culture count a lot, shamanism typically isnt inherent to every culture and furthermore
  14. Ralph, I appreciate the analogy, and it does make sense but still more questions arise. From a reading stand point I get it, from the perspective of others I do not. Each culture, tribe, clan, religion, path etc has various views on it. I am caught up in what makes one as such? Is it simply to be a spiritual leader for the community/tribe/clan. Is it to traverse with the soul to the beyond for influence and guidance. Are they for the better good? Some shamans can been seen as destructive while others nurturing. My understanding is through the eyes of a Heathen, which has very limited
  15. Hi Strange, I use an analogy with dance these days. See shamanism as dance, there's dance everywhere in the world, it has enough in common so that you recognize it is dancing, but it also encompasses many practices and many tunes. You could learn to dance on your own and become a very good dancer, but what if you had teachers with a lot of experience with dancing? Maybe they could make you learn faster by giving you exercises or dancing routines. Maybe they could also show you some aspects of dancing you never considered. Dance well, Ralph
  16. Hello all, I am a Norse pagan and shamanism hasn’t really hit much but I got into a discussion about the subject and asked a few questions and wanted more insight. Do you have to be initiated by a shaman to become one?
  17. Hi steve

    have I missed a class?

    I just logged in and there is noone in class.

    I thought it was on wednesday? 10pm ET?

  18. I know what you mean! I just mentioned it cause I'm always looking out for our fellow creatures, or I try at least.
  19. Thanks Cammie! I appreciate that perspective. Reading that got me to realize I wasn't using intent because of this pattern I have carried around life long: I felt like my intent was reminding me that I'm a 'bad person' or whatever, and that I need those constant reminders, because it gets me to stay overly conscious of everything I do so that I don't hurt everyone/piss them off. I'd rather avoid recapping this, but let's see what fun happens Same Douglas, it's kind of truly amazing, some of the things I've been able to accomplish with my intent, but I'm still getting used to the 'lifestyl
  20. Works for me too. It's funny how I forget that maybe I can actually do something about these kinds of things. And amazing how much it does work when I remember and put some effort into it. Not battin' 1000 yet, but with practice there is improvement.
  21. While not always avoidable (hitting a creature on the rd) if I’m travelling at a time I know there is going to be a lot of animal activity, or if it seems like there are lots of animals popping out into the road, I use my intent/will to create a different outcome ...like *not* hitting them, or “clearing the way”. We get a lot of birds hanging around the rd in the mornings and they usually do these kamikaze moves, and I got really tired of stomping on my brakes all the time, so I tried using my intent instead, and it tends to work.
  22. Thanks Silence,..(nice user name,..silence,..how people run from it :-).. Did my avatar,..yup,..was just bein dense :-) Im not obsessed with animal spirits nd so forth,but i would always have ostrich around,..(grounding power apparently),..and raven,and crow,.. Recently in light trance,hummingbird turned up,..and has been with me ever since,.hmm,..very useful during current clowndemic, in fact,lol....been a nice energy to integrate,..so hummingbird it is,..,:-) Thanks again,..look forward to sharing and learning,..
  23. Hi Hummingbird, Welcome! I love your user name. You can change your profile picture by going to your account drop down arrow and choose Profile and then just click on the photo button and you should be able to upload an image.
  24. No offense,but i don't agree at al that animals are,nt interested in humans,they,ve been intimately involved with our life wave,since it first manifested on earth,..our treatment of some of them,is probably a stain on our collective soul,.. Ive known loads of them,..since i began plopping down on earth in Lemuria...at the moment, though i presently,live in a suburb,im visited by two young foxes,who,ve taken to my front garden,,they like its energy,and will happily sit around and be hand fed,one of them will come when called,....i,ve recently had visits from whale,and buffalo energy on the
  25. than she hung around and looked at me, and moved around as though she were trying to get back to the other side, i wondered if she had babies in the brush she had jumped out of before me. i kept driving slowly to admire the foxy foxiness...i'm not happy with this almost running over animals
  26. this literally also happened to me about three days ago
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