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  2. "Living Between Worlds" is being offered this session.  I have not seen this class listed in the classes for Tier 4.  Is this a new class or another name for "Mover Of Energy" class?

  3. I know a lot of people who're into it and stand by it. I understand the fascination, but I'd rather focus on healing what I need to before my intent leads me to look further back- which it seldom has. Plus past life regression requires dependence on the mind- following this tradition, I intend to take my power back from my mind so that it could become a 'secondary' tool.
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on past life regression? My mind has always agreed with hypnosis as I'm a very vivid visualizer so, with my "pass out" experiences I thought I'd give some pre-recorded regression sessions a try. I saw things. Very detailed things that seemed to theme with dates and lives... but I can't say for sure if it was genuine. It is repeatable... but again... genuine? Thoughts/opinions/suggestions welcome.
  5. Your words of encouragement are recieved and appreciated. Bedtime begins. Once more into the fray.
  6. I know that feeling. So we lose observation mode in meditating but we have to just brush it off or laugh at it when it happens. Loss of focus- so what? It happens. Next breath. In the long run, if you continue re-visiting the intent persistently, you're still moving toward it- perhaps not how you want to or think you should, but still. Enjoy the ride : ) Take your time adapting to the changes...keep recapping. Things unfold in ways we don't really expect.
  7. Not sure what possessed me to type Wanderer instead of Traveler... but I only noticed this error after your response. Noted. Regarding your advice; when recollecting these images, my mind feels very loud and pulled in multiple directions. I still feel as though I am settling into my recent state of understanding things and that I'm working through a lot of interference. I get some serious clarity when meditating but then I'll snag on a thought and wander off into it, derailing my intended state. My focus seems shakey. Recapitulation is helping. Thanks again
  8. Stacey in- Wanderer, i get hung up on feeling unable to interpret dreams, too. What helps me might also give you direction- feel for the energy moving behind the images to counteract your focus on interpretation- which is just re-arranging parts of the images. Let us know how this works for you. S
  9. My dreams when vivid often have relevance that I don't see until the thing comes to pass. This last one was extremely real to me but I don't quite grasp any relevance. In the dream I am driving. Probably to work but I don't know for sure. It is night. I don't realize that I don't even have my headlights on. A car goes by in the opposite direction. I realize I can't see. I turn my headlights on. There is light snow in the lights and the road can now be seen to be slick. My lights begin to work and fail intermittently but I do my best to navigate while I can't see the danger. End dream. It seems like a metaphoric manifestation at face value that maybe I'm just now realizing the dangers I've been navigating with only recent light shed on them but I'm not sure. This would have to be relative to my recent exploration of the unseen layers of reality as I can't relate it to anything else. Will update if my lights randomly go out on my car. Wanderer out.
  10. Please join niteshad/Gary for an informal discussion on depression. We will be talking about any type of depression that people want to. There is a type of depression that can come with following this path and we will be talking about that too. The chat will be in the public channel: #shamanscave. https://www.shamanscave.com/irc/irc.html You can use the above link to join the chat. We hope to see you there, Lorrie
  11. Sometimes when you intend for something interesting to happen while you sleep it does. Sometimes it makes more sense for it to play out in ways where it's not confronting your self doubt.
  12. Just an update, we did get slammed with bad storms that day. I ended up replacing 11 shingles on my house.
  13. Thanks Alex. Last night was actually a rough one. Think I tried too hard. Listened to some ambient meditation/journeying tunes while trying to focus on the unseen between conscious and sleep and wound up putting my mind in an awake state that I couldnt get past until my alarm went off for work... used a vacation day. Lol. Am a little concerned of a dream I had of a tornado going through my front yard with the severe weather threat upon us today but time will tell if it means anything to me or anyone close or if it was just an associative manifestation.
  14. There's lots you can do with your dreaming energy. Try bringing an intent into your dream. Try bringing an intent into your awake side from the dreaming side. Try poking through the wall between your dreaming and waking energy. Try using recap while in a dreaming state so that you might reach those hard to reach places, like an extendo for your duster.
  15. Much appreciated. I do intend to go through the offerings in detail soon and see if something pulls me in. Very excited with the results found from the recapitulation info alone.
  16. We all might start with wandering or questions that need to be answer, or weird stuff going on with us. And I guess you come here to seek the meaning of all of those. Now I don't want to sound like doing a marketing job, but all of us has gifts in one form or another and we need to enhance our abilities, to get some focus and create beneficial fruits out of it. And in order to facilate and quicken our journey we need guidance. So here, we offer various classes; tier 1 for example, is focus on self-healing, familiarity with Intent to get more clarity, we have dreaming class and awareness and perception. These are all the basic classes here, so if you are interested try any of those and see it for yourself and then decide afterwards. Wishing you all well and that you may find clarity and focus of what you are really here for Belle
  17. Thanks, Alex. I'm kind of unsure of what to do with myself and this at the moment. I found the recapitulation exercise extremely effective but I find myself, after benefitting from it, unsure of where to direct my focus next. Have still been recalling dreams but they seem influenced by the prior day and of little meaning except last night's which made no sense. In the dream, I needed a component for a broken speaker called a "deep 4"(makes no sense) and at one point my dog grabbed the broken items and tried to fix them for me(odd i know). I can't make hide nor hair of that one. If something comes to fruition ill share for sure but thanks again for the warm welcomes.
  18. I've had plenty of expansive experiences in my time here. Perhaps you might too.
  19. Greetings, my fellow seekers of truth and meaning. Forgive me, this is a long introduction. I'm new here.. obviously. I am not new to energies and visions. I am only just now coming to understand them. I met a very knowledgeable one in the a.m. hours of March 9th on Omegle who directed me here as well as offered other great and useful tidbits of experience. If you are out there... this stranger thanks you. I am 37 years of this manifestation of awareness. I've always had a deep connection of the earth and natural things of it. I am drawn to obsidian rather strongly. Only recently did I give into this and acquire a few pieces and start practicing in the art of healing with them. This was my foot forward unto this journey. Truths brought to surface. Deep realization. I spent many years trying to fit in a faith that wasnt my own... that suppressed me and condemned things that come to me naturally. I've finally broken free of that hold. I have vivid dreams at times. Some have sharp meaning easily realized while others border on madness. I can never tell until the thing comes to pass. I pass out, not often, but randomly. I've had several physicians and tests unable to confirm an issue. It has become my own self diagnosed vasavargal syncope. However, i never completely black out. I simply "exist" elsewhere for a fleeting moment in time/space. I've been working on gathering details these last few times and im pretty sure one of them was a view from myself in the future as i experienced a hardcore deja vu of it recently. It does seem that coming back into myself is increasing in difficulty when i pass out. I once dreamed of raining glass only to have a window shot out the next day. I dreamed of spiral symbols on a US map before a tornado outbreak. Im beyond convinced of simoultaneous existence in space and time. I am fully aware that we are more than temporary meat. I am on a journey to further conceptualize my learning and experience and share and be shared with by others of like minds who dont face every day with the same blank medicated glassy gaze of despair. I welcome advice on how to gain further awareness/retention in my subconscious wanderings. You.. yeah you reading this. Thank you for being here.
  20. So exciting thnx niteshad!
  21. Original Article: https://www.shamanscave.com/dreaming/dreaming-stones I have had several requests for information about getting and using a 'dreaming stone'. The process is straightforward and can be adapted by the individual without much difficulty. I should preface this by saying not everyone should use a dreaming stone as a matter of daily practice, but for those people drawn to dreaming energy and having difficulty gaining lucidity, recall, or control in dreaming this is a process which might help. A dreaming stone can help you focus your dreaming energy and control dreaming, dreams can also be stored in the stone, although I'm not a big fan of that use. Shamanically, stones of various types have been used over the eons for an enormous variety of purposes. Some shamans hold certain types of stones to be of particular value due to their intrinsic energy and properties. Stones have been used for healing, oracular work, dreaming, storage of energy of various types and on occasion for chucking at the heads of stubborn students. Dreaming stones in particular seem to have come into use fairly early on as shamans labored to understand the dreaming world and gain a foothold there for their work. Dreaming stones charged by the shaman were used to treat night terrors, insomnia and other ailments we now associate as sleep disorders. Very often shamans bestowed 'special' stones on their students telling them to keep them with them always and to sleep with them especially. Some shamans explained why, others didn't, they are a rather taciturn bunch when considered as a whole. Depending on the nature of the stone and the charge of intent placed in it by the shaman the student would often find their dreams changing significantly. These were often the first steps into disassociating reality for the student in ways which changed the essential nature of how they saw the world. The student would be given instruction on how to use the stone in dreaming once it became apparent they had associated with its energy. Sometimes the shaman would give contraindicated advice based on the student's experience in dreaming in order to create a conflict internally, which could bring about an abrupt schism in their ability to use their awareness in a linear way. Today most people use the concepts differently, but it is always good to keep in mind the essential energy of the practice has not changed. As we go through the steps for finding, clearing, charging and using a dreaming stone I will attempt to give brief explanations of why each step is important in order to use the stone for this purpose. In the end though, explanations are only words, your own experience and energetic needs will dictate how ultimately useful you will find the practice. Finding a stone is the first step of course. There are two ways to find them, go into dreaming and bring one out with you, or find one here and carry it in with you. I'd suggest finding one here and taking it in. Now, before you go trundling off to the local crystal or new age shop, stop and consider what shamans of yore would have been facing when searching for the appropriate stone. That's right; they didn't have a trusty sales person at the local rock shop to help guide them in the selection of a stone, they simply had to use their own intuition, training and energy to locate just the right one. Considering the personal nature of the relationship between yourself and the stone this is still the best method. Shamans can look at the energy of a stone and see whether or not it will or can be used for such a purpose. If you feel as though you aren't quite to that point yet, simply use your intuition, your feelings, while handling stones and looking at them. Some will feel oddly cold and distant, as though they resented you even picking them up, others will feel warmer in nature, but still aloof from the desire to be put in your pocket. Eventually, after having driven your friends and family to distraction with your stone quest and making then quite sure you have finally gone around the bend, you will find that 'aha' stone, the one that 'fits'. The feeling will be one almost of recognition, a feeling of warmth and connection, although in a petrified sort of way. Listen to your stone, they sing, if you listen you can hear it. Now you need to ask your new friend an important question, don't forget to ask it, and that is, 'Will you work with me, be my dreaming stone?' If the answer is yes you will find yourself putting it in your pocket before you even realize what's happened. Most stones that fall into this category will be of the appropriate size, ones that fit nicely into the palm of the hand and seem to nest there. Keep your eyes open while searching; the right stone could be anywhere, in your backyard, along the roadside, even in a flowerpot. The type of stone isn't important, what is important however, is that it be comfortable with you and you with it. Now that you have found your new friend and gleefully rushed home with him or her riding in your pocket you need to think about preparing the stone for use in dreaming. First, give your new friend a nice warm bath in plain water, washing off any muck until it's clean. Allow it to dry in a sunny spot if possible for a day or so. This allows the stone to become accustomed to the energy of the household, your space, before the rest of the process continues. Once it seems accustomed to the space you will want to clear the stone and align its energy. Don't worry; this isn't painful to the stone. Get out some salt, sea salt is good, rock salt works; even table salt is fine, just as long as it's salt. Pour some of the salt into a small bowl or cup, then place the stone in it and cover it the rest of the way with salt. Wait twenty-four hours for the process to complete. The salt will clean the stone of extraneous energy; just like human beings, stones tend to collect energy from other sources as they go through their existence - and it has been a very long existence. Once it is done with the salt bath remove it and rinse it off gently once again. Now you are ready to align the stone's energy to your own in a particular way by heating it. Helpful hint: don't microwave your stone - that would be bad. Using the lowest heat setting possible on your stove or oven, simply heat the stone by itself in a pan or pot until it is thoroughly warm. Once you are done leave it in the pan to cool. It is important at this point that no one else touches or handles the stone in any way except you. After this process the stone is very 'open' to new energy and will glom onto whoever handles it before it is charged. When the stone is completely cooled you are now ready to charge the stone for dreaming. Those people who are not used to the weirdness of the shamanic may find the next step in the process a little bizarre. Find some private time to charge your stone. The process is one of connection through both will and intent. Take your stone in your hand and hold it up to eye level, begin by talking to your stone, whatever you feel is appropriate. Feel for the response from the stone, it will be the same as when you first found it, but stronger now, more clear. Ask the stone to help you in your dreaming work and see if it agrees; if it doesn't at this point then something has gone wrong, either someone else has handled it after clearing, or you were mistaken when you first picked it up. If it doesn't agree, return it to the earth in some nice little out of the way spot and thank it for the time. We will assume that it has agreed with you though and continue on with the charging. Holding the stone in you hand, at eye level now, rub your fingers across it, like petting a small bird. Clear your mind of thoughts, such as how silly this all is, and concentrate on a single intent. You may be seeking to remember your dreams only, or become lucid in your dreaming energy, or to calm recurring nightmares, whatever the case may be, form a single intent around that purpose. Inhale a large breath and create/draw the intention to connect and fulfill that purpose with the stone. Use your breath to push the intent out of you physically and into the stone by blowing gently across the surface of it until you have completely exhaled. Your stone is now charged. You can either keep it with you, which is good if you are doing certain kinds of recapitulations, or you can leave it in a secluded spot somewhere in your space where others won’t disturb it. Once it is charged you are ready to use the stone. When you go to bed at night, or day, depending on your schedule, take the stone and hold it in the same hand you had it in when you charged it. Reaffirm the intent internally and even externally by speaking to the stone if you want. The keep the stone in your hand as you fall asleep. Since stones don't really sleep in a human sense it will tend to activate its energy along with the connection it has with you when dreaming activity occurs. The stone can be recharged with the breath in the same way as before to handle other intents as you work with dreaming energy. You could, for instance, use it to store dreaming energy in to use in awake dreaming, or you could seek to have it travel into your dreams in order to lead you to certain areas of your dreaming energy. Or, if your partner snores and keeps you awake, just whack them with it, they already think you're bizarre anyway. A charged stone is okay for other people to handle and look at, but try not to allow the interaction to go on for any length of time. And, if at any time, the stone becomes difficult to work with or begins to take dreaming energy in directions you don't want to go, simply give it back to the earth with your blessings and thanks. Most people never have this problem though; many keep their dreaming stones for a lifetime with increasing good results at learning the intricacies of their own dreaming worlds. Where do you put the stone when you sleep? Do you have to hold it? Where do you put it during the day? Can anyone else see it? Hold it in your hand while you go to sleep. During the day you can leave it under your pillow, or you can carry it with you. It doesn't hurt for other people to see your stone or even for them to handle it briefly if you are explaining about it, but in general I wouldn't offer it for inspection. Is it possible to have two dreaming stones? Is it wise? I want to charge a second one with the intent of using dreaming energy to move my awareness in the "normal" awareness, to exploit opportunities lost to fear. You mean to use two at once? Not at the same time. Yes, two is fine – with different intents – that works. Keep the intent short and specific and different for each stone. When I sleep with my stone, the dreams tend to be bizarre - not in a pink-chicken flying way, but just weird. They feel very heavy – that’s the best way I can describe it. Well the stone is trying to help you recall, that's all it does. So it's working in that sense and the reason they are more bizarre is because this is the way they have always been, it's just your brain that dresses them up for you in script-like fashion. But recall hasn't been a problem, if you mean normal dreams. The previous dreams you were recalling may have only lasted seconds, the stone is starting to show you what's going on the rest of the night. My arm felt like it was on fire in my dream and I was holding my dreaming stone. I saw the stone in my dream. When I changed hands the other arm seemed to catch on fire. So I put the stone under my pillow. It really is a reaction to using the stone. When they become active, I mean really connect in a way that is important in dreaming, you may feel different things from them, sometimes it's physical, sometimes it's emotional. The burning is usually associated with actually moving in the dream. Did I do the right thing, by putting my dreaming stone under my pillow? Or should I have held on? I think it was okay, there really isn't a right or wrong, you did what you felt in the moment was proper and I would go with that. For some reason it was unsettling to you, so best to take a break and review. Now that you know the feeling, you can take that stone out, polish it up and take another trip. Each one you take makes the control better and the movement more sure. And when you bring something back just bring it back, whether it's a smell, sound or physical object, it is part of what you have intended and are trying to do. My dreaming stone finally stopped jumping out of bed, good thing, it's not frightened any more I guess... but three mornings in a row I woke up with dirt or sand in my bed was that ‘brought back’ or was it the dog's gift? Just trying to verify sane from crazy because I’m still not recalling a lot. I'm not sure there really is a difference between sane and crazy; sane is just what we all agree on. Well you know how reason can say, ‘blame it on the dog…’ Keep the dog off the bed for a night and see if it still shows up. Should I recharge the stone? No, I wouldn't recharge it; I would refine my intent with it. Narrow it down more; be more specific, even to the point of just recall in order to get past this one hurdle. So intend recalling more than bits and pieces? Yes. Narrow it down; intend to recall one whole dream
  22. if it's waking up spiritually you're interested, i recommend trying other outlets than drugs- work with your own power. what we have to remember about plants is we're not smarter than them, and they're not working for us. the times i had used salvia didn't really seem to do much for me. what i remember was it giving me that paranoid crack quaking feeling coupled with mild disappointment. what opened the door for me on my path was my experiences with meditation. to this day it continues to feel 'counterintuitive', but i do it just about everyday anyway. it's been a gentle friend that prompted me to try to find myself; strengthened my connection to the energetic.
  23. Babylace94


    I had tried salvia twice but I wasn't spiritual at all at the time. I didn't even believe in God or souls. As soon as i breathed out the smoke, my vision went black. I don't remember much other than having no vision and hearing someone talk to me. I know now it was my spirit guide. Now that I am somewhat awakened, i want to try it again but i am also interested in hearing others' experiences with salvia
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