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  2. hi Snakeskin, I would get a good amount of experience recapping other material first, getting a lot of experience with the exercise itself, and a lot of your energy back. Maybe recap some things related to the episodes, if not the episodes themselves. Then try some of the easier or shorter episodes, however you want to define it. Remember when recapping them, you want to keep yourself "in" the event you're recapping, but also separate from it. You want to take back the energy from it, not become the event and relive it completely. That's not the point of recapping it. You want to unwind it. It could be helpful to set an intent beforehand to hold to the present strongly, not let yourself fall into that past state of mind. There are reasons things slip into those visions and they don't apply anymore -- intend clearly and separate yourself from that "good". That will just be a temptation to experience it again for your emotions and your energy and mind. If you feel yourself slipping into it, perhaps it would be better to do what we call a "sweep" in the classes -- cover the event broadly, as if from a remove, rather than directly in a sensory experience/memory way. Sort of an indirect recap, intending to break it down and recap the energy of it. It's often a way we deal with traumatic events. This isn't exactly traumatic, but in a sense you may want to avoid it all the same. -karl
  3. Hello everyone! What would be your advice on recapping psychotic episodes? I always knew what they were back when I had them and could separate them from physical reality; they were vision-like I guess is the best way to describe them. So even though I'm pretty sure this will trigger them again, that doesn't worry me much; they weren't a threat to my or anyone elses physical safety. I haven't had them in years and I don't particularly want to return to listening to endless screaming choruses of disembodied suffering voices echoing through the great shadowy voids when all I'm trying to do is sleep, but I have a feeling I dropped the nightmarish stuff at the cost of a lot of good; thinking back, I became a lot more apathetic in general back then. And that's a dumb trade. Still, I would appreciate any advice you may have. I just have a feeling there's a lot of pitfalls in here and that there are a lot of much wiser people here than I. I'd be grateful for whatever experience you have to share on the subject. Thanks!
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  5. Karl

    Please help

    Hi Aleyurs, Was there anything going on in your life starting around 2 months ago or so that was new or unusual? When the dream first starts, is there anything unusual or does it begin in a weird way? -karl
  6. Aleyurs

    Please help

    My English isn't very good, I'm sorry, I see a man in my dream all the time, I know him, but we never talked, anyway, i've been walking around the house for 2 months, and then he takes me to my room and the closet mirror, he tells me to look at my room and my wardrobe mirror, i'm looking back and looking in the mirror, and I'm pregnant there and I'm so scared with it, you think it's the same dream and it's always the same cycle. And that man acts like my husband.
  7. not entirely sure what you were stating Peastacey nor do I require further explanation How ever may I say : by all means let it be so ie that Northi survives stronger and with a laser focus to be themselves amongst authentic people with integrity Again thanx for engaging
  8. I always attention my soul but it is gone far distance so I need spirit guide which give me right fath to my soul
  9. yes ofc that would be helpful. i feel the protectiveness you're feeling btw. i often do not take kindly to transphobia bc it's an insult to the earth...ommitting why... at the same time, yes history has some endless patterns, but it does not mean northi wont survive. we have to be strong for those that we're protecting and trust that their power to survive and grow from the unlikeliest circumstances when they're feeling unable to see this themselves. even when the odds are up against them : ) gives ppl the push to set themselves free...
  10. i think the loneliest journeys can be the most rewarding ultimately...you can always put your intentions out there for them, i am too
  11. that's disappointing I had hoped they contacted you privately silenceseeker I was more than certain you would be have been able to steer them gently in the right direction Northi faces a journey that can be very lonely I hope they surface again !
  12. @kim Unfortunately, I don't know if Northi did or not, we have not heard back from them yet.
  13. i had sent some good energy out to northi. will send some more out again rt now...
  14. OMG …. I really hope Northi got some sort of heads up towards a resolution to their situation from someone …. Lorrie???
  15. fascinating ! Although I I wonder how they filter the other conversations out of the bag of chips that it would have been witness too? cheers Centur888
  16. yash thank u emandy...i been zippin' up my invisible men's motorcycle jacket quite a bit lately...
  17. Mandy

    Attacked by entities

    What Stacey said- sage advice!
  18. i would focus less on who they are, where they come from, what they're about and the fact that whoever these things are think they can have their way with you. what is it in yourself that you can push out to remind yourself that your energy is worth way more than getting messed with? the others don't matter. it's about us trusting our own glorious power. trust me i know it''s unfair but we have certain responsibilities when leech energy comes at us lol, but withstanding how unfair things are is what being brave is all about : ) keep pushing your assertiveness out there consistently. you are allowed to have your boundaries. : ) everything has a power to it that can be amazing for healing, but you need to set boundaries first so that your energy doesn't get overwhelmed with *everything* that can be offered from another source all at once. generally i find that the most aggressive forces out there have the most healing to offer. also i'm good at giving advice, but it took me forever to begin getting to this place... love, stacey
  19. Hy. I'm attacked by entities. The entities are some individuals from my past . They wanted to become demons. And they send me spirits of themselves to possess my body and my house. They have spirit eyes in reality and have access to the room where i live . From reality they work and they keep this attack on me. The eyes used are called god eyes. And they also have their own voices here on my ears. What to do? What do you know about this?
  20. Hi Lunarat, Welcome! As Alex has said, we do have our own healing group here that has been trained in the maker healing method. But you are welcome to post any questions or respond to any of the topics that you would like. We are also starting up a new class session in the next week or so, if you are interested in learning more about our tradition. Lorrie
  21. There is a healing group within the student group which isn't really accessible as a practice until you complete a few years of training. My experience with the tradition is that it's important to get the self-healing done before you start working on others. I'm not a teacher/faculty/advanced practitioner here, but I'm sure one of them will post in this board when they get the chance.
  22. Hello. I'm new here and at some point would be interested in offering some practice healings on a limited number of volunteers. Is that allowed here? I used to give psychic readings for a living years ago and realized I needed to step away and work on myself a bit more and find a better way to direct the energy I felt needed to come through. Shamanism was the answer and I'm very passionate about the techniques I'm learning. It's humbled me and helped me to let go, allow, and remain detached from the experience. If not okay, I'm still excited to be here and to learn and share in a different way. Thank you!
  23. hey karen, it is suggested to me to write a list of things you wanna recap. i would do it with the intent of recapping depression if that's how you want to do it. you don't have to follow the list, i never do- i wind up following what my energy shows me, but it creates a really clear starting point. water for self compassion, fire for releasing internalized anger. *hugs*
  24. Thank you Karl, I’ll think carefully on what you’ve said.
  25. Alex

    Sleep Changes

    Yeah, meditation can affect sleep greatly and there are Yogis who are capable of not sleeping, allegedly, but everything comes at cost in the sense that they have to live a lifestyle dedicated to it. My experience of manipulating myself into unnatural positions in a hacky kind of way where I'm trying to min/max my own self has been that it always creates unforeseen costs around my own motivations for doing so. It kind of expands the motivations in a way that can be pretty unhealthy. While I've done some really cool things TO myself, if I could go back I would pursue things more holistically, because I'm finding that the amount of work I'm having to do to take care of those unforeseen costs really piled up when I wasn't looking. Short answer, yeah it's possible, but why do you want to do it? What underlying intents are you carrying out by doing so? I've definitely extensively explored a lot of stuff around what people are capable of as human beings and have yet to find an end to it all. Nonetheless nothing I've done has been more meaningful than reclaiming my own energy that I've put into things across a number of domains, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, etc. What allowed me to be wakeful so freely was not any specific exercise I've done, but the work I've done to reclaim my energy for myself. This, so much this! I don't really seek to affect my sleeping patterns in the sense of trying to sleep less or manipulate how awake I am during the day except just for short term experimentation. I find sleep to be vitally important in a number of ways physically (as Cammie mentioned), spiritually (as Karl mentioned), emotionally, and mentally. I was tempted by this idea of maximizing wakefulness way back when as well, but I've realized as time pass, as Karl eluded to, that there are other interesting things to play with using your time and energy.
  26. Those types of weird illnesses and experiences do happen for people with the inclination towards a shamanic path. However, there's also usually a pattern where there's an inclination towards the shamanic, a desire for your energy to experience the "bigger" stage, healing, visions, etc., and then a fighting-back process, trying to get back to "normal" life. That creates a conflict where you end up in a downward spiral and the shamanic sickness happens. That's sort of the classic variation. In some, especially in childhood, you can just have it happen, but often it's part of this sort of conflict that's set up in our energy. That conflict is often part of our shamanic path itself, the desire to move outward, and the fear of ultimately following that way. So, could it be shamanism? Yes. Could it be something else? Also yes. If nothing else, you can find yourself on a path of self-healing out of desperation, and that is a very shamanic moment, in and of itself, and it can give you a very strong sense of purpose to succeed in it. You reach a point where you have nothing to lose. To figure out which is which, you have to explore it yourself, where it began, and the detail of it, where it's taking you, especially the emotional and spiritual side of it, rather than the physical disease of it -- although that is also part of it. -karl
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