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  2. Hi steve

    have I missed a class?

    I just logged in and there is noone in class.

    I thought it was on wednesday? 10pm ET?

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  4. I know what you mean! I just mentioned it cause I'm always looking out for our fellow creatures, or I try at least.
  5. Thanks Cammie! I appreciate that perspective. Reading that got me to realize I wasn't using intent because of this pattern I have carried around life long: I felt like my intent was reminding me that I'm a 'bad person' or whatever, and that I need those constant reminders, because it gets me to stay overly conscious of everything I do so that I don't hurt everyone/piss them off. I'd rather avoid recapping this, but let's see what fun happens Same Douglas, it's kind of truly amazing, some of the things I've been able to accomplish with my intent, but I'm still getting used to the 'lifestyl
  6. Works for me too. It's funny how I forget that maybe I can actually do something about these kinds of things. And amazing how much it does work when I remember and put some effort into it. Not battin' 1000 yet, but with practice there is improvement.
  7. While not always avoidable (hitting a creature on the rd) if I’m travelling at a time I know there is going to be a lot of animal activity, or if it seems like there are lots of animals popping out into the road, I use my intent/will to create a different outcome ...like *not* hitting them, or “clearing the way”. We get a lot of birds hanging around the rd in the mornings and they usually do these kamikaze moves, and I got really tired of stomping on my brakes all the time, so I tried using my intent instead, and it tends to work.
  8. Thanks Silence,..(nice user name,..silence,..how people run from it :-).. Did my avatar,..yup,..was just bein dense :-) Im not obsessed with animal spirits nd so forth,but i would always have ostrich around,..(grounding power apparently),..and raven,and crow,.. Recently in light trance,hummingbird turned up,..and has been with me ever since,.hmm,..very useful during current clowndemic, in fact,lol....been a nice energy to integrate,..so hummingbird it is,..,:-) Thanks again,..look forward to sharing and learning,..
  9. Hi Hummingbird, Welcome! I love your user name. You can change your profile picture by going to your account drop down arrow and choose Profile and then just click on the photo button and you should be able to upload an image.
  10. No offense,but i don't agree at al that animals are,nt interested in humans,they,ve been intimately involved with our life wave,since it first manifested on earth,..our treatment of some of them,is probably a stain on our collective soul,.. Ive known loads of them,..since i began plopping down on earth in Lemuria...at the moment, though i presently,live in a suburb,im visited by two young foxes,who,ve taken to my front garden,,they like its energy,and will happily sit around and be hand fed,one of them will come when called,....i,ve recently had visits from whale,and buffalo energy on the
  11. than she hung around and looked at me, and moved around as though she were trying to get back to the other side, i wondered if she had babies in the brush she had jumped out of before me. i kept driving slowly to admire the foxy foxiness...i'm not happy with this almost running over animals
  12. this literally also happened to me about three days ago
  13. I almost hit a fox . It ran out in the road 5 feet in front of my car on dark road at midnight with no lights , I just saw a dark shadow run by .
  14. Tbh i still have no idea why I see whatever in my environment when I do. Throughout this past month I kept almost running over animals, or running over already dead animals, and I mightve been the one who hit the skunk that sprayed me and my car. It felt like a nightmare. But if we can just open ourselves to hearing the language of our energy more instead of listening to our minds about what it all 'means'....I think thats where it counts.
  15. What ... awesome we are "seeing " them now for many reasons
  16. i thought of you yesterday evening...when I also saw four bats!! Yes, they are a rare sighting for me too though!
  17. I guess what I was trying to figure out is my intent and why I came across so many bats I figured many reasons , my brain has been rather scattered too and my energy , the bats quick moments I feel brought my awareness to that part of myself . I have just been trying to follow the energy and figure the rest out . It was a very uplifting moment and inspired as bats are endangered here and a rare sight I was very moved on many energetic levels . Thank you for your insight and response
  18. I definetly was focusing on my intent and movement while I was looking at that bats and also awe struck as they are a rare sight here . I looked at my intent and my thoughts before I saw them in my walk . I know everything here is very abstract . Could find many meanings and feelings I gather with many things
  19. a pretty intense full moon...maybe your intent was just trying to show you how to move : )
  20. Hi nitekreature! "Animal totems" in the sense that is used in new agey things is a bit like dream dictonaries - sometimes the symbolism is relevant, but might leave you looking at a very narrow picture. More interesting is the energy and what it speaks to in you and contrary, what in your energy or intent might attract bats or any other critter for that matter? 'Intent' can certainly speak to you through animals, clouds, or whatever is handy - whether that's your own intent through your dreaming energy or other intent in the world, situations can get created where you get the messag
  21. Hello , I finally was able to get back on the forums . Well I saw four bats this evening . I know basic symbolism and or signs from bat totem . I was interested if the makers have any feedback or insight into animal totems in their tradition.? I always felt a special connection to bats since I was very young . Thank you
  22. Greetings, I've been a quiet lurker for about a year now. I fully understand your position. I too was seeking answers. I can't say that I've found them all yet but I at least feel that I've found people here willing to discuss these matters without fear of them trying to "burn you at the stake". My personal story is one of unprovoked and uncontrollable glimpses into the future or , in the least, existences in parallel with events that sometimes come to pass. I haven't passed any certifications or rights of passage that would classify me as a shaman or healer but if sharing experienc
  23. it doesn't sound like or feel like you're stunted in your growth at all <3 and i empathize with so much of what you're saying with my own experiences. it's okay to feel depressed. the world is a crazy place and our gifts can be challenging when all our conditioning is in the way : ) keep intending for your purpose...
  24. hi redfeather, I'm sorry to read about your troubles on your path. Depression seems to be a common theme for those on a spiritual path. I have dealt with it for a lot of years. It's very hard for people who have not dealt with depression to understand it. If they care for you, maybe they are trying to give you the best help they can, but without understanding where you are coming from, it's very hard to offer good support. Add on top of that a spiritual journey that most people wouldn't know what to make of, and it's often like you're standing worlds apart. The most important thing I
  25. Hello beautiful souls... So I have written two long posts and deleted them... I have never posted on a forum before and I think I didn't realize I had so much inside I was holding onto.. I suppose that was a good release either way lol... Thank you for having a community like this for those of us struggling on our path.. I am here because I am really hoping for some advice. If asked I can tell you more about me, but basically I have been going through a spiritual awakening for over 5 years, the dark part of it weaving in and out and back again.. I have been single, by stubbor
  26. The power behind this response tho <3
  27. Hi Dreamer123, If 20-25 years ago someone told me that Castaneda's books served only a small purpose and only flickers of shamanic truth, I wouldn't have been able to imagine it. I had them all read them all, many times. Carlos' work serves a purpose: they are a stepping stone and can be a trigger for those who are energetically bent as dreamers and otherwise, act like a calling card, but it is up to you and your intent to decide if you want to stop with his lovely works of fiction or really allow yourself to discover what's behind the trail of little breadcrumbs his narratives hint at. Y
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