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Shamanism Signs in a Bone


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(possible trigger warning; dead animal part)

Hello all, it's been some time since I've posted here; I'm Varg.

I only post here when something significant happens, and tonight something did.  Something did indeed happen.  This, in my 20+ years as a Shaman, made me quiver a bit.

     I live out in the desert in far Western Colorado.  I own 5 acres out here, and keep track of it regularly, and hunt my own land, as is needed, etc.  Well, about 5 months ago, I was driving my tractor where I usually do, to pile rocks, at the bottom of my property, and there was a deer leg.  It was just sitting there.  I'm a hunter and a butcher, a Shaman, a Mysticist, w/e you wanna call me... well... having butchered my share of deer, I noticed something off about this particular severed deer leg.  The thing about it, having butchered my share of animals was that this leg had been cleanly cut off at the joint, and about one inch lower, the fur was cut with a knife, right around the bone.  This obviously means this was from a skinned deer.

When you kill an animal, you pull out the eviscera, and then immediately cut the skin from the bone, to separate the meat from the bone, before it goes bad, and etc... well.... deer have 4 legs; and a head.  and about 10 pounds of viscera.  There was none of that.  Just the one leg portion laying there neatly where I drove my tractor.  And so I gave pause.

There was no blood, no sign of anything; (besides, who would take the time to clean a dear 100 yards into someone else's property?  You'd pull it home and clean it there) - just the one clean cut leg.  I found it odd, for aforementioned reasons, obviously; so I kicked it aside, under a piece of jutting rock, out of the sun.

That was five or so months ago.  Fast forward to today:  Some very ill words were exchanged between my sister and me, and I knew, and said so to my parents that things were going to change.  I knew something was going to happen.  Something.  It kept me, this thought of woe, up all night until about 1:30am when I remembered that one deer leg from like 5 months ago that was left on my property that I kicked under a rock.  So I, with just a flashlight and a knife for protection, in the middle of the night, on a whim (welcome to Shamanism), hiked back down there to find something - and something I found.

In that exact spot where it originally was,, was the deer leg.  Not where I kicked it - nope - it was exactly where I originally found it.  Yeah, I know, "coyotes moved it" or something, no - this was an inept, desiccated deer leg not worth the trouble of scavenging - and it was right back where I found it.  Precisely.  I honestly hiked down there at 1:30am expecting that, and there it was - moved back to where it was.  Again, without a mark; only footprints in the dirt.

Of course after 6 or so months in the desert heat of the summer it was so dry that you could practically blow and the fur would fly off, leaving only bone.  It was that dry... although we are just at the end of a rainy season atm, after Summer.  I knew this was the sign.  It had been placed there, and then moved.  This, someone did deliberately.  so I removed it and left a ᚨ rune carved in the dirt in its place.  (if that rune doesn't appear for you in your font, it was an Ansuz Rune), and took the leg home with me.

I figure someone wanted me to find it, and then after I moved it, they put it back, so 5 months or so later I took it and left a Shaman's Rune in its place to let them know that I too am like them.  

Why did this happen?  Who put it there?  Why did they move it?  Why, after 5 months did I hike down there in the middle of the night to know and find all of this true?

Welcome to the mysteries of Shamanism.  I will cut it down and carve it into what it should be, and see.  I've worked much with animal bone in my past, but how would whoever put it there know that?  I don't fucking know.  But I now have another powerful tool against bad spirits.


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