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Focusing on focusing :)


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I've started to work on sharpening focus and I'm having an interesting experience. I pick a spot on the wall and just put all my attention on that. Like meditation, except I am not trying to relax my mind, alter perception or meditate as such, I am more looking at intensifying my focussing abilities. If that makes sense?


So I picked the spot on the wall and just focused my mind on it, eyes closed. As I continued to keep my attention fully on this spot, my mind started to throw up all kinds of chatter. It just would not shut up. When that wasn't working, I felt my body shift as though energy was shifting around me and I'd some how gone into an alternate state of perception. My thoughts went to that for a while, until i realised it was just another mind trick, to get me focused on my mind again.


I'm not looking to stop my mind, I don't think that's possible, but to be able to maintain my focus no matter what my mind throws at me - or later on, what may come up while I'm doing specific energy work. I know there's a class here that looks at the mind and I'm interested to take it later on, I just feel this is going to take years lol.

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