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Do your stories ever lose power?


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Something I have observed over the years is that when I have a profound experience, I have to be very careful about how I share the story of it to other people. Some stories told just the right way in the right context to the right folks feel like I've actually shared the story without diminishing it. But other stories, when I share them, seem to lose their potency for me on a personal level.

I find myself wondering if other folks experience this and why such a thing occurs?

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Hello Looks-to-Ravens,


I think that stories and the experiences you are relating with them do change over time simply because you change. As you do the impact of the original experience may not be as important to you several months or years later. Its like the idiom, "you can never enter the same river twice". So while some stories for you can hold tremendous power for a long time your relationship with it changes. You just have new lessons to learn.


Now, those stories could still be powerful for others as examples or guideposts for them.


Hope that is helpful.



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Makes sense that some stories are just very personal in some way. Sometimes, shamanic things are personal in a way that isn't really "shareable" like other things are. Or, as Mark says, they impact you a certain way. You might change yourself or assimilate them more to make it easier to talk about.

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Mark -


Ahoy! Thanks for replying. What I was really asking about seems to happen with "newer" stories. Like if I had a small epiphany and the next day felt so excited I tried to share it with someone else. Sometimes the simple act of saying it outloud to someone seems to make the significance evaporate.


But I also agree with what you had to say about stories changing over time. I actually find this is true of my favorite books, too.



Karl -


That's a good idea to explore, changing myself/assimilating the story more.


Thinking about different ways of sharing stories actually reminds me how, sometimes, I'll allude to a story without actually telling it. Some people will pay no mind and I'll say nothing more of it. But the exciting times when a person takes interest and I share my story, I don't think I've ever felt the story loose itself after.


The phrase, "Whoever have ears to hear, let them hear," comes to mind.




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