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Mediumship / Spirit Guide Communication

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Hi everyone. I think that a loved one who has passed away has become one of my spirit guides. I believe he has tried to contact me on a psychic level, but my grief is getting in my way. :( Is anyone here able to do spirit guide readings? I wish I could confirm that I am seeing, hearing, and otherwise perceiving him correctly, but I just can't be sure without some type of external confirmation. If anyone receives a message or sign they could relay, I would gladly receive it with all due consideration - you may be helping more than you know. Thank you very much.

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Sometimes external confirmation falls flat when you know something with your heart. If it's that feeling that gives you peace or something else that helps you, no matter how you identify it, let it be as is and you'll learn more from it. The second point I want to make: as you know, it's in the nature of grief to get 'in the way'. Try not to judge it for its demandingness...i'm not saying it's going to make it 'better'. But resisting it, trying to look past it, in my experience, agitates it. Perhaps that feeling in your heart is part of the story of your grief.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your loved one. Sending intent of healing and kindness. 

< 3 s

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