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  1. A few years ago I was approached by 3 Sherman at a psychic and paranormal convention you kept telling me that I had an extremely strong energy radiating from me I have a girlfriend who are at once even told me as someone who practices Reiki she has a hard time being around me anyways I was also told I have a very negative male energy attached to me I stopped at a table to get a chakra cleanse and when this woman went to put her hand neat my head she gasped and pulled her hand and back and said she had never seen or felt something so powerful. immediately after she called her husband over who seemed equally as surprised. I asked what they kept looking at. He responded the only way he could explain what he I was saying is that it was almost like I was a unicorn except instead of a horn it was a beam with extremely powerful white light. Flashforward to the next year I am at an after hours party and was cooking breakfast for my companions when a guy I have never met before comes up to me and says you don't even know whats coming out of you do you and I looked at him and I knew instantly what he was talking about i said, you see it? and he said yes I do it's very bright and Powerful but it keeps flashing black then the next time he saw me he told me it's completely black.. followed by white. What could this be
  2. Recently I had a dream where I was standing on a clear flat round platform that seemingly was in space or somewhere not on Earth it was like covered with a clear Dome I could see out and I could breathe but I shouldn't have been able to theoretically I guess standing in the middle of the room was quite beautiful and seem to be wearing a dress that was kind of sparkly or shiny I remember when I walked in I couldn't see her face but I could feel that she was beautiful and I felt very calm all of my anger and anxiety was gone and I felt happy and at peace there is like a gold wheel kind of like things on a ship where they crank it back and forth and out of nowhere a door rose up and a bright white light came out of it and right before I could even go I woke up..she would not let me see her but pointed at it like I was supposed to go through it
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