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  1. First of all, hello! I am new to the site and this is my first time posting. I'm trying to find a group of people that I can discuss shamanism and experiences with. The majority of those around me think I'm a little nuts for exploring this avenue, especially since I am generally very logic-minded and do not subscribe to most religious dogma and practices. Most of the people I have met that are open to these avenues and experiences have been less logical and more "out there", so I have trouble relating to them. I'm looking for real discussion and conversation . I hope I worded that in the least offensive way possible. Now to the matter at hand. I am about to undergo a 7 day tobacco fast with a tabaquero from Peru. I have taken ayahuasca multiple times in the past and had great experience with it. However, the last two times have been radically different. The time before last, I had a severe anxiety attack that I could not pull myself out of (I also was with a shaman who had less experience that time, and I think that contributed as well). The last time I did it (with the same shaman who is administering my tobacco fast), I felt like there was some kind of blockage keeping me from working with the medicine. The tobacco fast is supposed to aid in ridding me of that blockage and gives a "spiritual alignment", for lack of a better phrase. I'm curious as to if anyone here is familiar with tobacco fasts and especially your experiences with it if you have done them in the past. A good friend just came off of his seven days, and his experience was rough, intense, but overall very beneficial.
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