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  1. Greetings all. I hope this first post finds you all well, happy, and peaceful. I sought out this forum to engage in some questions to help me figure out this path I have walked for years. I apologize in advance if this post turns out t be to long, but I want to be rather thorough. I will keep it as short as possible however. First off, I am a forty year old man with quite a bit of a "spiritual" education behind me. I do not mention these things to boast, but to give the reader a bit of insight into my question -which will be presented at the end of my post. I am a former Buddhist monk (Ch'an Ssu Lun / Pure Land), Anagarika in Theravada Buddhism (Mahabodhi Maitri Mandala), and possess a Bachelors of Theology, and a Doctorate of Divinity, I am trained in Thai Ruesi tradition, and specialize in "wicha" utilizing what can be found here in America rather than abroad. I am also very well versed in Traditional American Witchcraft (although I do not practice it anymore). According to my Father and Grandmother, I am 1/3 Blackfoot Indian, and 1/3 Norwegian. Now, I gave all this background to ask this. How do I know if my path is "shamanic" or not? I LOVE to spend time alone in the woods. As I do, I take my shoes off and slowly walk. The genius loci (spirits of the land) begin to speak to me. I legitly learn lessons from the trees, water, insects, sun, stars, moon, etc. Very profound lessons at that. I enter the forest not knowing this information, and leave with the ability to teach them to others. I can divine natural objects for others queries, commune with things deep within the forest, feel it's energies intimately, etc. I also have had many dreams where I was taught Martial Arts. Full blown martial arts system that I have never knew.. I have astral projected once as well. I have an uncanny medical knowledge (without any schooling), and an affinity to strange, weird, and odd objects. I also can read people's "cloud" as I call it when they are near me, I have had 2 very serious medical issues that I have survived thus far. And the Paranormal is a normal part of my life (My family was even on Discovery Channle's "A HAUNTING"). Would you say I am classified as a witch, or shaman? I don't journey in the traditional sense, but I do interact with other realms via the woods. On the other hand, I am not cooking up potions, using spells, and celebrating Sabbaths either. Any thoughts?
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