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  1. Had another vision this morning. It was quite different that the others. It started the same as in a bunch of symbols that were moving around and changing. Could make no sense of any of it. Then it cleared and a bright light appeared in the upper right corner of my vision field. When I tried to look directly at it, it would disappear. It would reappear when I looked away from it. Then a swirling mass of some sort(looked kinda like smoke appeared in front of me. The best way to describe it would be like a glass with a milky swirl that I could easily see through. On the other side of the "glass"
  2. Thank you Mandy, that was very helpful I have recently made some crucial realizations about my reality. Thus I have considered this to be part of the process.
  3. I awake every night around 3-330am. I usually just lay there and try to fall back asleep. It is rare that I do fall back asleep and am generally up for around 2 hours before I can do so. So each time i was lying in my bed trying to fall asleep after waking up. On a regular night, I see vague patterns moving about which I have always seen. But on these particular nights, I would just see a white dot which would slowly expand until it covers my whole field of view. Then the visions start. They last only a few minutes. My persona situation is I am a single dad to twin girls with severe autism. Th
  4. I have no idea what any of it means. Only that I have started my journey of awakening about six months before this started.
  5. I am 53 and have never had any type of visions until recently. The first one was a couple of months ago. It was a pyramid with water flowing under it. The next one came a bout two weeks later. It was just a bunch of squiggly lines moving all over the place. The to my left, a very large eye opened out of nowhere. It looked around at the lines and then at me. It then closed as suddenly as it opened. Since then I have had several of the same one. It is a bunch of weird writing like hieroglyphics that are wiggling and changing. All of the visions are the same in the sense that they all look like t
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