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  1. Thanks Alex. Last night was actually a rough one. Think I tried too hard. Listened to some ambient meditation/journeying tunes while trying to focus on the unseen between conscious and sleep and wound up putting my mind in an awake state that I couldnt get past until my alarm went off for work... used a vacation day. Lol. Am a little concerned of a dream I had of a tornado going through my front yard with the severe weather threat upon us today but time will tell if it means anything to me or anyone close or if it was just an associative manifestation.
  2. Much appreciated. I do intend to go through the offerings in detail soon and see if something pulls me in. Very excited with the results found from the recapitulation info alone.
  3. Thanks, Alex. I'm kind of unsure of what to do with myself and this at the moment. I found the recapitulation exercise extremely effective but I find myself, after benefitting from it, unsure of where to direct my focus next. Have still been recalling dreams but they seem influenced by the prior day and of little meaning except last night's which made no sense. In the dream, I needed a component for a broken speaker called a "deep 4"(makes no sense) and at one point my dog grabbed the broken items and tried to fix them for me(odd i know). I can't make hide nor hair of that one. If something comes to fruition ill share for sure but thanks again for the warm welcomes.
  4. Greetings, my fellow seekers of truth and meaning. Forgive me, this is a long introduction. I'm new here.. obviously. I am not new to energies and visions. I am only just now coming to understand them. I met a very knowledgeable one in the a.m. hours of March 9th on Omegle who directed me here as well as offered other great and useful tidbits of experience. If you are out there... this stranger thanks you. I am 37 years of this manifestation of awareness. I've always had a deep connection of the earth and natural things of it. I am drawn to obsidian rather strongly. Only recently did I give into this and acquire a few pieces and start practicing in the art of healing with them. This was my foot forward unto this journey. Truths brought to surface. Deep realization. I spent many years trying to fit in a faith that wasnt my own... that suppressed me and condemned things that come to me naturally. I've finally broken free of that hold. I have vivid dreams at times. Some have sharp meaning easily realized while others border on madness. I can never tell until the thing comes to pass. I pass out, not often, but randomly. I've had several physicians and tests unable to confirm an issue. It has become my own self diagnosed vasavargal syncope. However, i never completely black out. I simply "exist" elsewhere for a fleeting moment in time/space. I've been working on gathering details these last few times and im pretty sure one of them was a view from myself in the future as i experienced a hardcore deja vu of it recently. It does seem that coming back into myself is increasing in difficulty when i pass out. I once dreamed of raining glass only to have a window shot out the next day. I dreamed of spiral symbols on a US map before a tornado outbreak. Im beyond convinced of simoultaneous existence in space and time. I am fully aware that we are more than temporary meat. I am on a journey to further conceptualize my learning and experience and share and be shared with by others of like minds who dont face every day with the same blank medicated glassy gaze of despair. I welcome advice on how to gain further awareness/retention in my subconscious wanderings. You.. yeah you reading this. Thank you for being here.
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