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  1. Hello Belle, First let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to respond to my message. It was Kind of you and I see you live at the other side of the world in Sydney. Wow so far away hey! I found what you wrote very interesting and its good to know someone else's perspective on my questions. The part you wrote about separation from source stands out to me because I think in some way we are all lost, however more so without spirit and guidance in our lives. Having that connection to me is my light and a path I hope to follow throughout my life. The part about the three dimensions in my journal given from college relates to the upper, lower. worlds and earth the planes. However I see you have related it to self, to the individual's experience with ego and letting go? Which is a thought provoking way of looking at the tripartite unity but I'm not sure I can answer the essay question this way. But hey... a big thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm grateful! May I ask how you came across shamanism? How you incorporate it into your life? What you love or dislike about it? Kind Regards Cj
  2. Hello there, I'm new to this site and not quite sure what I'm doing. Anyhow, I'm currently studying Shamanism at open alternative college. I'm on lesson three in my course and I've a few questions I wanted to ask from someone who is knowledgeable in Shamanism. So lesson three talks about Shamans communicating with spirits and may even marry an entity from others planes. I've never heard this concept before, I found it strange and wanted to no more about it? So please feel free to open my eyes to understanding this better. Also the tripartite unity (Upper, Lower and earth planes) need to be connected in order for a shaman to travel... please can someone explain more about this. The information I have to hand is very basic so I would really appreciate any input. Lastly, Traditional shamanic cultures believe that at one time we could all talk freely with animals. However, the fall of mankind was the end of this communication. What was the fall of mankind? How did this happen and what does it mean. These essays are evoking more questions than answers! Kind Regards Cj x
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