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  1. I only try to channel my own energy but sometimes I try to reach out with my own energy. I'm not sure if that is active or passive.
  2. Was an interesting read, not sure if it's any help though. Luckily the presence is already getting less and I'm kind of accustomed to it now. I'm pretty sure that I did something while meditating that I wasn't supposed to do or maybe I was doing it wrong. When I think about it this way that eye changes back into that inner smile. I'm practicing to create something like a healing aura by concentrating on my heart chakra. I try opening it as much as I can, letting the energy flow and radiate through my whole body. Not sure if it works but sometimes it feels like it works. I often try to connect
  3. To me people that feel that they are something else are still connected to a past life. They still haven't adapted to their new life because of that connection. They easiest option would be to accept that new life to its fullest.
  4. I got a simple cold last week. While I was lying in bed I had this inner voice (as if talking to myself) ask in the voice of someone I care about if she could come in. I "said" yes first and then continued with "if you are really that person". But that second part seems to have been ignored. Since then I have this daydream like picture/vision of a black/dark dragon like being inside my thoughts. Most of the time it is just it's eye looking at me. Sometimes when I open my mouth it feels like it's also opening its mouth. As if I'm the dragon or becoming it. It's not a very accurate description b
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