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  1. Thank you for quick responsiveness! I really appreciate it. Rarely meaning its possible but in most cases not? I do hope thats not what happened to me. As for entities stealing energy, i’ve always envisioned having to fight them back for it, but to know its that simple to reclaim stolen pieces is a relief. I’d also like to mention that the ‘piece’ im referring to is actually mental one, so it’s quite big. Could it be that removing it from myself then re-inserting it can trigger a reintegration process? Sorry for so many questions!
  2. So recently I tried cleansing a soul fragment of mine by sending it to the galactic core for some clearing, but afterwards my left body started to feel a little empty and dissociative after asking my Higher Self to bring back the “piece”. I read online that the galactic core destroys souls, although im not sure if that counts souls embodying physical bodies. Is it gone forever? My other theory is that it could have been stolen by a negative entity? If that’s the case, are they easy to retrieve back?
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