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  1. I have also noticed after you ejaculate, not only your body feels depleted and want to sleep, when I look in the mirror I can see my face getting older and my energy is darker, you are literally being depleted of your life force, although it is different for women as they can have orgasms without wasting their life force, kinda unfair if you ask me, and yes there are kegel exercises that men can do to separate orgasm from ejaculating but thats work that you have to do, daily practice, lots of discipline, if you forget a day or 2 your body will regress a lot so you have no choice but to constan
  2. I have to disagree about normal sexual behavior as I just had an experience with dreaming that shed light on that topic. Lately I have been struggling with not wasting sexual energy for dreaming purposes as that means no more sex and no fapping and no any kind of sexual activity which also means no more relationships and no more intimacy, a huge part of being a human after all until I had this dream last night. So I was going on and about the dream in another country doing stuff, nothing too interesting until a girl showed up that I recognized from a previous dream, anyhow we were immedia
  3. Hey there, I'm new to this forum and about a month and half ago i started on my dreaming journey. I been reading carlos Castaneda books, which is the main inspiration for the dreaming practices and I wanted to see if there are any other people out there who also do same practices as well. Anyhow currently I'm having dreaming almost every night since i been abstaining from wasting my sexual energy but so far my dreaming been without any kind of control, meaning I'm completely lost in whatever is happening in the dreaming without being able to stop and take a look at my surroundings or whatever.
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