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  1. Thanks Silence,..(nice user name,..silence,..how people run from it :-).. Did my avatar,..yup,..was just bein dense :-) Im not obsessed with animal spirits nd so forth,but i would always have ostrich around,..(grounding power apparently),..and raven,and crow,.. Recently in light trance,hummingbird turned up,..and has been with me ever since,.hmm,..very useful during current clowndemic, in fact,lol....been a nice energy to integrate,..so hummingbird it is,..,:-) Thanks again,..look forward to sharing and learning,..
  2. No offense,but i don't agree at al that animals are,nt interested in humans,they,ve been intimately involved with our life wave,since it first manifested on earth,..our treatment of some of them,is probably a stain on our collective soul,.. Ive known loads of them,..since i began plopping down on earth in Lemuria...at the moment, though i presently,live in a suburb,im visited by two young foxes,who,ve taken to my front garden,,they like its energy,and will happily sit around and be hand fed,one of them will come when called,....i,ve recently had visits from whale,and buffalo energy on the inner,.. the view across the bride,to new earth,shows the animals,very much softening,..and interacting with humanity much more deeply,..as they did in ancient times,..(which is already happening,for those with eyes to see,.. Our relationship with them,is important,..its very clear,that the animals,and all kingdoms of nature,..are changing now and moving across the bridge,to the rapidly approaching "new earth",.. We can all learn from the natural kingdoms,..be they trees,animals,whales,,woolly mammoths ,(that kingdom,still exists on the inner planes,..or whatever,..they hold huge wisdom and will interact with our energy deeply if approached properly,.. Most shamanic traditions recognize an animal spirit,that we use in the world,..and one for inner worlds work,..and one for each direction of the medicine wheel,..we have an animal spirit that we carry on our left sides,that we mediate in relationships,..and one on the right side,that is a warrior totem,..as well as that,we can be visited or interact with any animal spirit,that has something to teach us,..as well as all kingdoms of nature,.. All in all that makes 23,763 animals spirits in total,..heh,heh,..only kiddin,..(i probably carry coyote,lol),.. Its also possible for a fully human monad/spirit,to incarnate in the tree kingdoms,..oras a crystal,..and various other things in other kingdoms,.. at the same time as the human life,..(im speaking from personal experience,..(not new age woo woo)),..in what some traditions call,the second,and third attentions,we can (and do) exist,and incarnate,as all kinds of things,..(that has nothing,particularly to do with the so called "sorcery worlds",..its just the way things are,..beyond the rational,"mind field),.. ps,.. Can anyone tell me how to set the avatar pic in my profile,..im probably being dense,but i cant see how to do it :-( pps hello everyone i just got here,..(waving happily);-)..
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