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  1. Mandy, Thank you for the reply. Yes I can be very much of an empath as well as a sensitive. I liked your imagery of standing and looking out over a canyon or mountains. That has been myself in ways lately physically. The spirit spouses became somewhat of a nightmare. I could feel their cords enter me at times and it was distracting me away from myself and at times engage in the cord and be told "they were extra eyes" for myself as an ancestor or as a spouse. However not all of them were welcome and became domineering in what they desired to do and I found my lifeforce ene
  2. I cannot cope anymore. I am at a loss at what to do. I spent my younger years traveling and backpacking the country. I had a few NDES complete with being given a medicine name. Eventually things became darker. I have ptsd and do not go into all the details. But my life became supernatural to the point of unbelievable experiences. I certainly experienced a very long dark night of the soul and could say I am there now. I did not know where to turn because there was the world of psychiatry and i found myself staring at it even though I knew many of my experiences were real. I was t
  3. Ok so I don't know where to begin my story. Over the course of my lifetime in my teen and adult life I had numerous spiritual experiences. I also lived outside on the road for years and became very connected to nature. I had experiences from everything small to grand to sheer terror. From finding feathers, to near experiences, to seeing someone I loved on the other side in a NDE and given a medicine name, to experiences where great spirit or spirits came through me and channeled to save my life in moments of terror. The experiences continued for years and finding community
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