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  1. Ralph, I appreciate the analogy, and it does make sense but still more questions arise. From a reading stand point I get it, from the perspective of others I do not. Each culture, tribe, clan, religion, path etc has various views on it. I am caught up in what makes one as such? Is it simply to be a spiritual leader for the community/tribe/clan. Is it to traverse with the soul to the beyond for influence and guidance. Are they for the better good? Some shamans can been seen as destructive while others nurturing. My understanding is through the eyes of a Heathen, which has very limited access to shamanic practices, we have a few and that involves trance and fate dealings that are done by The Völur. Some say you need to do this others say that, some frown heavily upon the neopagan out look.
  2. Hello all, I am a Norse pagan and shamanism hasn’t really hit much but I got into a discussion about the subject and asked a few questions and wanted more insight. Do you have to be initiated by a shaman to become one?
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