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  1. Happy that I received an answer from Finland. Symptoms are slowly lowering but I'll never be sure if and when this is going go stop completely. I even went o the hospital and called several antitox centres, they don't believe me, they're just too focused on the useless books they studied to get a stupid specific duty, that they repeat over, and over and over and over. Then they die. I hope they won't make children.
  2. Ok I'll be brief. I need help with the expulsion of some shit is happening to me lately. This thing, I think originates from previous uses of DMT and psychedelics in general. It has been triggered by wild white mushrooms. Not psychedelics, not any special thing, just common ones, a friend of mine picked them up when I was working in a farm and offered them to me, and I had them for lunch. The following morning I woke up with this little stinging in my spleen, which it spread with days in my stomach and liver. This has been some kind of connection with the ancestors of the friend of mine who offered me these mushrooms, I'm sure of that. The issue here is that it kept going for ever and at some point started the nightmare with this tingling shit I got on my hand fingernails (every time different one, like the thing is alive) and I'm sure it has been triggered by stress. I need to stop this. Any help on how to clean completely my body from this hell?
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