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  1. Rodulf


    I, too, am retired. I have thirty years in the military and law enforcement. It's difficult to maintain a positive mind as we are living through the dissolution of the current world system. I've been in a war for this system and have enforced its laws for many years and I feel betrayed by it, but I try to move past that and be the best husband I can be while working on my own self-evolution.
  2. Rodulf


    Hailsa, Kinsman! Thor and Freyr's Blessings to you and yours! Those inclines to shamanic flights will be the reconnection of humanity to its Soul. Where are you on YouTube?
  3. Very interesting. I wonder how many other traditions were hidden and maybe not out in the open, even now. The old Norse Heathenism actually hid inside the early Christian churches, as can be seen in the carvings and art that adorned them. There is a group called "The Odin Brotherhood" that claims to have existed since Medieval times and recently surfaced. Enjoying our conversation! Thank you, guys.
  4. My interest in the origins of Maker traditions is historical curiosity. I enjoy investigating history and mythology and Makers are kind of a mystery. I understand that you want to live its tenets and don't care about the early origin. All organic shamanic traditions will have similar elements because all are journeying to the same Other World using different vehicles. Was there a persecution of Makers during the Dark Ages?
  5. Absolutely, the Ancestors saw most people going to Helheim at death, Valholl being the state of being of those who had overcome their human lower natures and selected to assist the Gods in restructuring the World after the Ragnarok. There were numerous Gods and Goddesses that would care for their devotees after death. I am in no way trying to downplay Maker cosmology, only establishing mutual compatibility. There is no Norse dogma or holy books, it's all experiential.
  6. Rodulf


    ☺️ Norse Heathenism is growing in the consciousness of us who are North European descended because of the breakdown of the transparent fraud of our dominant religion. Hopefully, a depth of soul will return to us.
  7. Ginnungagap is also called "The Yawning Void". Maybe the concept of "Helheim", where Mother Goddess Hel watches over the souls of those who did not die in battle, until their reincarnation, would be a close parallel. The World Tree Yggdrasil has been likened to a spiritual metaphor for DNA, with generations branching out and recombining as Life grows. I'm just speculating from curiosity, not trying to absorb you into Norse Heathenism! There do appear to be some connections, though. Given the area that Maker concepts arose from I would be surprised if there were no contact points.
  8. The idea of being immortal scares me more than the thought of oblivion.
  9. Actually, somewhat similar, from what we know. Our Ancestors saw the human soul as "layers" or "parts", each taking a different path after death, usually down family lines. They also believed that a self-sacrificing act, such as death in battle, would win a soul to certain dedicated Gods...Valholl, Odin's Hall of the Chosen Slain, and other Gods and Goddesses. To this I would add current research into NDE's which suggest strongly that our personal and cultural beliefs and expectations have an effect on the experience of dying. It's my understanding that the Maker beliefs came from France, correct? If so, I wonder how much Norse shamanism may have influenced it, through the Norman invasion. The "energy pool" you referred to sounds very similar to the Germanic "Ginnungagap" the void of magically charged space, that the Multiverse arose from and will dissolve back into.
  10. What is the Makers view on the Afterlife? I have come to accept reincarnation as very probable, but I've noticed that most cultures that hold to this view also want to get off the rebirth merry-go-round. I have a feeling that the after-death state is way more complex than we usually think and has many cultural elements. As a Norse Heathen the most important thing to overcome is the base self, our lower nature, our fears. Just wanted to feel out you guys and hear what the other members think about this very important part of life!
  11. Rodulf


    Greetings and blessings to all. I am an eclectic North European tradition Heathen. I have been using shamanic techniques for about 20 years. My wife and I are Asatru, meaning true to the old gods, and are both Goddess centered pagans. I am retired after 30 years in Criminal Justice and now spend my time preparing for my transition to the Other World. Please don't take that as a negative, I don't mean "suicidal", just an awareness of the need to die with no regrets. My main spiritual practice. now, is dream work. I have had numerous contacts with the Norse and Celtic Gods and Animal Powers. I send Thor and Freyr's Blessings to you all.
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