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  1. is there a way to get a dream stone to make nightmares stop i have tryed many of kinds of stones from store bought to ones i have found and all i get is the same nightmare playing over and over i can only is myself die so many times before i start to think it is going to happen that way i know it is only a dream but i cant help thinking it mite be true so i am thinking this site mite be able to help me were doctors have failed to help
  2. i have tried lots of things to help with my dreams i have been having nightmares for the past 6 years every night with out fail and dont know what to do i have seen doctors and all they tell meis that is intoresting and nothing more besides lets put you on this med so that you will sleep all night but all that dose is make it so i cant wake up from the nightmare people have tryed to wake me when i start screaming but i wont wake i have been in hospitals and am still lost i have tried dream stones both store bought and found on my own i am looking for help if anyone has ideas i would like to he
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