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    Can you be a little more in depth? "A physical scrying mirror works similarly but your getting the added benefit of using the energy of the physical elements that make up the mirror and that you add to it, it adds oomph to the process and also allows you to work with the the energy of those elements if you choose to." What exactly do you mean? I have never really got the dark mirror to work. I've read look at it with a low light and with candles. And various other things. I just don't know what to try first. I will say for that online mirror, that when I want to see what something
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    I know I sure can't get nothing out of that small black mirror. The online mirror thing is much easier to use.
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    The thing is of course. I don't know any Shamans or genuine spiritual teachers of the "Dream time" or "Rainbow Bridge" building. Here's a link to that online scrying site. I seem to see a lot of the same tthings. But I don't understand what is being said. http://pjentoft.com/virtual-scrying-mirror.html Bill
  4. How can one obtain healing from the other side like the Shaman's would (and do)? They go to the other side and communicate and get remedies. I have seen on primitive cultural shows that mention the spiritual leader. Can you ask certain spirits or what? Bill
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    I already have a mirror. It's a small round black mirror. The thing about these mirrors, do they open you up to negative forces that will lie to you. Such as a ouiji board would if not properly used? What can be used otehr than a mirror? Bill
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    I have a small black mirror for scrying and it's very hard to do. There's a virtual scrying mirror online but I don't trust it so much. Is this hard to learn?
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