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  1. Thank you for your words i will have a look at the courses. Yes i think now im getting support with my autism i hope things will improve. I didnt realise there was courses on offer here. Are there any certifications available?
  2. Hi, i journeyed once or twice 14 years ago, met a power animal but not much came of it as got distracted by tai chi etc. ive done level two Usui Reiki, ive had a very rough last 4 years suffering two major breakdowns and given a diagnosis of autism. I wanted to post my first nourney to the lower world whiich i got instruction in "the way of the shaman" by michael harner. Im thinking this First journey was a sign that ive found a tool i need to recover and that i need to take charge of my own healing. During the journey i felt more joy than i have in last few years. Anyway heres my first journey in 14 years and was quite intense so i wanted oppinions on pursuing shamanic training thanks... Went into kent university library rabbit warrens.... Slipped in quickly came to an open landscape jumped in an opening again Did this another 5 times...getting deeper and deeper towards lowerworld. There was a Landscape with flowers, a skull that was alive with energy circling round it, a rock formation beneath where skull floated. There was also a lake with flowers around it. Went towards lake where fields of flowers were, they parted before me and let me pass, I took one and scattered the petals and made them disintegrate into a dust like substance. Went to rock formation, it dissolved at my will in my hands n turned to dust then into cotton candy...i reshaped it and with a "Ummmmm" reshaped it into stone. Then the skull wanted to talk, spoke in a language i didnt understand, i went to turn away but he made it clear he still had something to say....felt warmth in my chest and it radiated in my body spreading out and a joyousness. I Turned into a phoenix looking bird, plunged into the dirty lake then when emerged i let out a burst of flame and cleaned myself. Then plunged back to the earth, and a dinosaur with a smilling face with wings rose up and greeted me...i freaked a bit. But it was clear he wanted to hug. So we hugged, then felt a warm affection and more warmth in my body and energy to do things. I wanted to fly but he didn't so i walked bout but he didnt move, so i sped around him and was invited in his brain....cant remember....was curious. Learned how to make an inverted tornado. Then i created an inversed tornado that pulled on the ground a tornado that was fiery. Then a little passage opened at top of tornado and i was catapulted through it. Sped along a dark blue passage to a watery blue world, it was very still. i looked for birds animals but was just a calm but empty landscape...my hands projected light so after a bit i ignited the sun with both beams and started up a reaction that would bring life to the world...but it was a slow process and would take longer than time i had there (i do reiki, might explain light from hands). I sped back to lowerworld....cant remember.....i couldnt bring anything back (instructions in the book i was using) so i turned back into human form discarding my bright red and orange feathers then like liquid bending round corners of tunnel back up it was easy and effortless. i went through one world on way up i think then transformed from liquid to human so effortlessly then was there in a good suit went to stroke a bunny then was time to go....and started writing this down.
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