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  1. I watched this drama unfold three days ago and was looking for other people's opinions on the meaning. There was an eagle that flew overhead, it flew by a field, swooped down, got what looked like a snake, then a bigger eagle knocked into the first one and the snake fell and the bigger eagle landed to eat it, a third eagle flew in and the two flew in circles over the eagle on the ground who was eating. Any insight?
  2. Iam


    My grandmother was born in 33 My mom was born in 55 I was born in 77...all born in the US. I didn't go looking for this, it has been very confusing to me because my Grandma didn't develop her gift, or maybe she did and I don't know, she does use a willow to find water... Here, it is seen as witchcraft. I couldn't be happier that I am not alone.
  3. Karl From what I read, your focus is on trying to journey. I believe it is just a simple shift from focus to un focus perhaps? Feel the drum, use images to get yourself started, like a star bursting in to light...relax, breathe and let go. Sometimes i feel if I try too hard, it becomes a strain to try to find that place where I can just see, but if I just FEEL, it happens naturally. Good luck to you.
  4. Mark Real quick, since I noticed your Fibonacci and post of a Stone Hedge type structure. The structure I was given is a dome with a spiral stair case leading to a dome glass top. It has energy storage on the bottom, a mote to seal it, the glass dome at the top creates heat energy and has a valve system to also seal it. There us a filtration system with the mote and it runs in to an aquaponics system. There r flats of veggies on top level using the dome on top as Sun source. The structure is covered in quartz. Utilizing fiber optics for light and a light tube in center also .... Its easier to show but it looks like an eye if u looked from the sky down. ....Good night. Glad this forum is here. I don't have money for classes but if I can just get some better clarity and share ...I'm more than happy, any outlet of understanding is amazing.
  5. Thank you. I do like it here.
  6. Thank you Mark. I have many questions. I'm just beginning to understand what is going on. I have trouble right now with a disconnect from personal relationships, especially my children. I don't know how much to share in here but I've seen battlefields of light and dark, have been given a structure to help people using technology New and ancient. I feel the Goddess Nut works thru me. I dream of treasure hidden by the Templars and if being in their boat. The information comes fast at times and I appear to others as "not functional" but I feel strongly about my visions. I dance a whirling dance, it was a gift also to weave the Hevens and Earth. This Earth Day I had a dream the heart of the Earth is on Oak Island ...or something that bleeds red and purple into the water. What is your journey like? What did you do with all the feelings and information. ??? ...my dance is important...to me, I feel my right hand get hot and I have what I call my cosmic umbilical cord attached to my head. I spin and spin....and spin. Do other people have these gifts? I follow the omens all day and appear to be lost and not functioning in society. How do others function? ...that's just a start. Thank u for validating me. <3
  7. I am and always have been on a spiritual journey, half here half some where else. Recently, after almost losing my life and many strange events, I began to dance a dance where I spin and now I can't seem to get back to the "real" world. My journey is lonely, I'm ok with that, but I don't know how to live in today's society.
  8. I'm just beginning to understand what has been going on with me, the details are many and those who understand are few. If at all... This separation has brought me here. I began traveling in my dreams and have been lost in other places all my life. People see me as spearheaded and naive, sensitive, and eccentric, however, I have felt alone and As if I was a visitor my when life, other a not having the same experiences as me... Me not able to connect as others seem to be able to do. Now I am dancing (cuz my soul burns to and feels joy like I'm weaving heaven and earth) ...this does not help my fitting in, now I cannot seem to work or focus at all. I'm in my soul space All the time almost unreachable. Following the code of the universe for The healing of all but nobody knows I do it. I almost want some ego credit for all my energy efforts, but that's a silly thought at the same time. Ahhhh...thank u for hearing me vent. When I dance my right hand gets a very hot and I have a cosmic umbilical cord on my head. Does anyone else have this happen? The church asked me if I practice witch craft. I stopped going. I'm super lonely and it only seems to worsen with age. I'm 38 and this has been morphing from one thing to another. I think I need a teacher before I drive myself crazy. One love, Iam
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