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  1. Narael

    My Path

    I'd love to know how to shut down my empathetic side, can you teach me how to, I would be really greatful, and no I don't know how to shield, I normally pray for protection but I still get infected.
  2. Narael

    My Path

    Hi silenceseeker, yes I do feel compassion for them cause I'm highly empathetic, that's the main reason I stay away from the crowd. I know people are scared and hurting, especially nowadays people's emotions are becoming more intense, a lot of people I come across are going through extremely bad ordeals (but surface wise, they hide it well).
  3. Narael

    My Path

    Hi Beth, Hi Michelle nice to meet you. It's good to meet people who share some of the same experiences. Music is my great healer, I love listening to the Cello
  4. Narael

    My Path

    Hi everyone I was born with the gift, seen things, spirits, night terrors, rare sickness, voices, demons, O.b.e's and so on. The stress of it all has left me with a brain sickness, but on a plus note my neurosurgeons says I'm normal, I didn't have a mental illness (much to the relief of mum). I'm also the social outcast, shunned, the hermit. Only loved by my family and my partner. People love calling me the witch, Satans daughter, loony you name it they say it. And that's why I'm here, to learn and see how everyone else deals with their gift. Cheers everyone
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