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  1. Thanks Michelle, It's nice to know others understand what I described. I'll definitely give the exercise a go and see if I can manage the class.
  2. Hi all. I really appreciate the forum and the way everyone shares information so freely. I've been searching for something and I seem to have ended up here. I've always been quite attentive to my surroundings. What brought me here was what I think was a Heron Egret. I saw him and was drawn to want to find out what he was and just out of interest what messages people have derived from them. Much of what I read made sense to me. My curiosity wes peaked and I found my way here looking for more information. About 11 years ago i ended up paying a visit to Family near the Boarder of Queesland in Northern New South Wales. It is a beautiful place a day where my father's Family comes from. I experienced something new and really profound. As I crossed the Tweed River and got my first glimpse of Mt Warning I felt a connection with the earth like I belonged there. Something I had never felt before. I have since moved to Queensland and when I visit the area this connection kicks in. This gave me the first hint that you could connect with the Earth in such a way and something I have tried to explain to others who often look puzzled and they don't understand. I have also been and Climbed Mt Warning several times. The first time back it felt like the mountain was fighting me. The insects were so loud my ears were in pain it was almost deafening. But when I reached the summit it all fell away. A follow up climb several months later it was calming and serene and I felt connected and strengthened by it. I have seen some dark days and been haunted by dark memories of being a Police officer for 16 years. I developed the ability to sense death from the edge of a property when I was working. I've seen and understand the effect of the moon on people and to a degree myself now. I'm in the very early stage of understanding and dealing with Ptsd. What I have read here sounds encouraging and that I might be able to find healing. I guess the first steps on this path would be to try the Recapitulation exercise. Does any of the energy expelled stay in the area? I want to let go of the dark energy but don't want it to remain or once expelled is it gone?
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